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Grouting combination sheets of glass and marble tile on backsplash. Answered

My 12" sheets of marble and glass tiles (combined on same sheet) have marble tiles that are thicker than the glass in many spots making the finished surface uneven. How would I grout this uneven surface?


The grouting process is the same, except that you won't just pass the float over the tile a couple times. Depending on how uneven the tiles are, you may have to work the grout in with a smaller tool (like a putty knife) or even your finger to get the grout completely between all the tiles. Once the grout is on, you'll wait the recommended time, and then use a damp sponge to wipe off the excess. Again, you may have to work a smaller sponge between the uneven tiles to get the grout smooth and to remove the excess grout off the tiles themselves. It's completely do-able, just more time consuming.

Be sure to mask over the glass before grouting, especially if you are using sanded grout. Otherwise, you'll end up with scratches in the glass from the abrasives in the grout.

That's true, however on the walls they shouldn't use a sanded grout unless the spacing between the tiles is more than 1/8".

Even unsanded grout will leave micro scratches in glass if you aren't careful. Masking tape is cheap.

+1 Very well presented/understandable answer. Couldn't have done better myself!

Got me thinking - My marble stones are varied and some are quite porous and actually have holes. Would masking these tiles make the grout clean up easier? Hate to have to clean grout out of all those little holes!

If you have a lot of holes in your tiles, you'll need to get a really good masking tape and do some prep work before grouting. Make sure the tiles are clean (no residues) so the tape adheres, and cover the face of each tile. This again, will be rather time consuming, but picking out grout isn't any better. Once you've masked the tiles you can begin grouting.

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Thanks, again. Where do I mark the question as "answered"?

You're welcome. By selecting a "best answer", the question is then marked as "answered" on the main page, and I see that you've already done that. So that's it. :)

Thanks, folks! Feeling more confident that I can get this job done properly!