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Grow 100 lbs of potatoes in 4 square feet Answered

Learn how to grow 100 lbs. of potatoes* in a tiny plot with some lumber, potato seeds, and some careful watering. When I move into a new place where I can finally put my garden this is one idea I'd love to try out and see if it works.

And then I will be the Spud King of my neighborhood, giving potatoes to all the kids for Halloween because that's a lot more than I normally eat.

Link via Lifehacker

*45 kg in .37 square meters for everyone else


That is a lot of potato chips

Could you eat 100 pounds of spuds in a month?

Mmmmm, taters. I've been considering growing them in buckets. I thought that could be fun. And I do eat lots of them. They're good with everything!

Including but not limited to, Chocolate, Tuna, Whit fish, butter, beans, Tuna AND EVEN CHOCOLATE (omg really???). Ohh did i mention that potatoes are good with Tuna?????????????????????

Roasted garlic is good with chocolate too, believe it or not. :D I don't like tuna, though...

Have you ever had real tuna ? I love Tuna steak, especially grilled on the barbie. ;-)

Nope! I've only ever had white fish. I keep being told I need to try salmon, too.

Yeah, salmon and tilapia are both pretty mild, but salmon is a good bet (without the healthy skin that normally comes on one side of a fillet....it has most of the Omega-3 oils in it, but that skin also has most of the slight fishy taste in it too; so, removed, there is almost no fishy taste).

A grilled Tuna steak is very NON-fishy too :-) but a bit pricey

It's not too terribly pricey if you eat a proper portion, about 5 ounces, that brings the cost around here to about $5 a person per meal. I'm shocked that Jessy admits to only ever having had whitefish, she needs to be introduce to an all you can eat catfish fry at a church, or crab stuffed halibut with lemon butter in a fancy bistro, or lake perch anywhere in Chicago. Tilapia, yeah I eat it, wouldn't recommend it. Tonight is Norwegian grilled salmon with rice and a Caesar salad, or maybe a steamed artichoke.

Well, I have difficulties setting down and eating only 5 oz of meat or fish, really. Figuring per pound, that comes to more then $15 a pound....to me, that is pricey :-)

Lindt puts out a Dark chocolate with Capsicum (the juice from Hot peppers) in it :-) although it really isn't overly hot

i think its capsiasun oh wait spellchecker says ur right!

That's being generous really :-)

Mmm, I've seen more stuff that was much too long... L

Yah, that's my preferred version.

LOL I went on youtube trying to figure out what the " boil em mash im put em in a stew ' saying was all about-lol. is the saying from a song, or movie? (remember i'm 52 and not up on a lot of stuff) ;0)

It's from Lord of the Rings. In the movies, Sam tries to explain what potatoes are to Gollum ("What's taters, precious?") and hilarity ensues. People started to remix it and it only got better. :D

Ood, I must have missed that part somehow *sigh* or my memory if fading...

. We need to start an Over-The-Hill group! I'm a year older than you, Goodhart is ~50, I'm not sure how old Rimar2000 is but he's probably mid-50s, and there are several other "old folks" on here. :)

It's a line from the Lord of the Rings movie. The line was then cut into a music video and song.


9 years ago

A few years ago I read of someone growing potatoes in a large plastic trash can w/ straw instead of soil.

Yes, those that tried the straw-thing outside without the can, found out it became the haven of mice and other rodents......the can keeps em out most of the time

Need to have better instructions on how to plant the potatoes.


9 years ago

I actually have heard of a method to do this... I was told that if you, when the sprouts(tubers?) grow four inches above the ground, bury them again, and keep on doing so, you can grow great amounts of potatoes. The magazine even went so far as to mention 100 pounds of potatoes in four square feet, hmmm.... suspicious... Sorry about joining this conversation so late, by the way.

My Mom, always planted her potatoes in what she called "hills" basically imagine you are at the beach with a plastic pail and shovel; fill the pail and tip it over. That was how my mom made her "hills".

Great link. I grew some spuds in blue Ikea bags last year - same idea - smaller scale - it also allowed me to grow them on the patio instead of the veg plot. Make sure you choose your variety of potato carefully - I grew Arran Victory potatoes which look great (purple skin) but didn't boil or bake very well - too floury.

I just bought an Ikea bag and would love to grow potatoes in it. How die you do it?

Pierce some holes in the bottom of the bag and add an inch of grit or stones or broken pots to allow good drainage. Then put say 4 inches of soil and put in your chitted potatoes (see another Instructable on how to chit potatoes) - you only need 4 per bag. Cover with a couple of inches of soil and leave for a week. Then each week cover any growth with more soil until you reach the top. In the fall tip out and gather your tatters. I used bamboo canes in the corners of my bag to make it stand up. I just kept it on the patio and only watered it if I watered the rest of my veg plot. Happy growing!

That's orders of magnitude above large-scale agricultural output! But it's not a big-farm, and it does use raised boxes. Best wishes for the project, be sure to make some good mash with them (and show us) L

Are the soil and ~~mertiliser~~ fertiliser consumption too great for large-scale agriculture? I'm guessing that if you have a ready supply then you can always grow your own, but if everyone in the country tried to do this there would be a national run on compost, fertiliser and 2x4. I might be moving to a small village with some garden space in a few weeks though, and don't eat enough potatoes normally :) so it's worth a try.

you can also so do this the mugabe way, use car tyres.

Okay, I'm feeling really stupid right now. I only see the picture; not any instructions on how to use this potato factory. What am I missing?

It's not being stupid. The link was not obvious, and it was small, easy thing to miss :-)