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Grow Our Own!- the big idea Answered

Hey there Makers and Instructors! It's me, Maxwell and I have an idea to help feed people collaboratively, and I would like some advice on how to establish a collaborative barter network of people who want to or do grow food(mostly vegetables,herbs, and fruit,or even canned varieties for those who preserve) I call it Grow Our Own, or Let's Live! Participants would barter fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, plants, etc, and a climate of information,instruction,and encouragement. This might take place at either gatherings on weekends in specific places, personal meetings, or through a distribution system I haven't figured out yet.(advice?) There would be a system to enhance diversity, as well,so you wouldn't just end up with an enormous beefsteak tomato glut,( kind of a grow what you want, but please if there's space a little of this?) Ideally, this would increase nutrition, oxygen, biodiversity, provide useful growing information to a hungry somewhat ignorant populace , promote responsible water and waste use ,and bypass at least some economic cycle problems. I want to establish a network of smaller more local groups to also encourage people to propagate fruit, herbs, and vegetables,(especially heirloom varieties) and to instruct and engender a system of distribution and instruction. I definitely think composting is a strong part of this. I also think that trying to find unused spaces and getting permission to grow on them might help grow abundance, as long as vandalism can be avoided.Admittedly over my head. I would also like to encourage this for partial-subsistence growing in urban areas. I feel each apartment building roof, balcony and courtyard that can hold even transient plant life should be split between solar power, raingathering, and semisubsistance food growing. If this is done collaboratively, it will begin to snowball and will become more common.This would effectively improve life for some poorer people with less nutritional access due to economic factors. (If the fast food industry served actually nutritious food at it's locations at the prices it has gummed up America's vascular systems and organs, it would be one of the most effective nutritive food distribution systems in the world, instead of the casually despotic mutilator of bodies it is.(bovine AND primate) That may have sounded harsh, and I apologize if your love of a Double Supersize Mc Twinky Burger supersedes your desire to survive, that's your choice and I respect it, I was making an example, not inviting the hate. Houses with arable land now foolishly wasting water on lawns should be growing food. This not only could increase air quality and continue to localize moisture, but could reduce economic burden on many families, and therefore incrementally reduce municipal strain. This also can help mitigate graywater and reduce system load and waste. We have gotten too used to the system of aloof receivership in our modern societies. We must relearn to grow our own food, make our own things, understand the processes that keep us alive on Earth. I know you understand. Linear systems are unrealistic in a universe of cycles, let alone a world of cycles. We can live better by working together, because that's how the planet works. Sympathetic and Symbiotic processes naturally facilitate unity and if we work with what of the Earth we haven't paved over, or create more space to grow food in, we may counteract some of the damage we have done and stop so much waste. We may even teach people to eat more nutritiously, I'll bet. We must reteach ourselves to seek knowledge and wisdom rather than solace and escape, teach our children the ways of responsible stewardship of sustenance and comfort. I am going to put together what I can of the idea into a simple website soon. I want to reach people with that message, though I don't know if I am much of a frontman.So let's do it together. If we work together we can help each other survive better. Isn't that what's really important? Thank you for any advice, oh yes, and please don't assume I am Omniscient Superfarmer, I'm trying to learn too, any useful information will be appreciated! Let's Live! Cheers and Hope, have a great day! Maxwell (btw,I've already sent this, somewhat paraphrased in email form to: The Buckminster Fuller Institute.org, Pathtofreedom.org, The We Campaign, The Theodor Payne Foundation and many others, but any suggestions? You also may send it to whoever you think may help.) I admit I'm excited!


We own a small organic farmers market store...

pardon, I haven't done too much of this. Bound to make me friends. I have a question, if you'd still want to answer. Are there CDC/Health regulations for farmer's markets produce? also, who monitors this?

I live in northern louisana. No one comes and checks the produce or any thing like that. We just pay the taxes and stuff. Laws vary from place to place tough.

BTW I own the domain name grow-our-own (.) com and .org, I intend to put together something there, ideas appreciated. Not the webgenius yet,but I pick things up quick so holler if I missed anything. Please read the above and tell me what you think. Entertainment begins below!

...I've already sent this, somewhat paraphrased in email form to: The Buckminster Fuller Institute.org, Pathtofreedom.org, The We Campaign, The Theodor Payne Foundation and many others...
Any replies yet or did their spam filters catch them?

Ooohh, and look what a simple search for "urban farming cooperative" turns up. Man, sure are a lot of people out there wanting to do the same thing. Good idea Subconscionaut!

Some from people I already know, and some from guys like you.
You were probably right about the spam filters. credit.
I had the idea because it's the right idea, and people of much intelligence who've never heard of any of us are going to have it, Hephaestus!
So if you've got nothing better to do than be snarky with me, pally,
Here. follow this link
at least they won't be as cynical.

Heh heh... You missed it, bud. You mentioned to killerjackalope about "... how to with the people part." There are the people. Lots of them out there to connect with who are already interested. Who can help you with info, contacts. Who would welcome a web site, as you mentioned, where they could come together, work together, spread the knowledge, get others involved. Now less talk about people being snarky, cynical. If you follow this path you want, you'll have to deal with plenty of them, get used to it. Less talk, more action. Make the difference.

Dang. You Gandhislapped me. You are absolutely right. I have to admit I got a little defensive, "not a thief" is a big one for me, and I supposed you were saying I hadn't thought of this myself. (just pride f**kin' w/ me.)I Been alienated a bit., used to defending myself. I really believe in this idea, and I really want to help people. I am inspired by Bucky, and people like him. And really, other than a lot of other practical information, what he would have told me would have pretty much boiled down to what you said. Thanks for setting me straight.,Heph.( couldn't help it. Another one of my heroes. My father's a master jeweler.And I aspire like a mofo.but we live far.) As far as people skills, spam filters, and yes, even gardening, any advice appreciated. to anyone else, I am a real person and this is a learning experience. since this is the internet, yes. PWNED.


And now it looks like you deleted your other reply, since my reply to it seems to now be attached as an original comment to the topic.

Please don't do that. Again.

You're collateral for a short-term loan? Who has the ticket?

btw, by you I mean the general public. which does include you, but that wasn't the context. besides, you have more practical things to do.

oh yeah, and thanx for posting that great search on the thread! you rock!

You should have a quick look around the 'ibles related to this, there are loads of them, organic compost, greywater systems, hydroponic and balcony gardens, vines growers, you name it really...

actually as well as the gardening part I need more on the how to with the people part. :)

Ya think you have enough keywords there?


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