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Grow a plant in my locker? Answered

Currently, this is an idea, and i am simply expanding on it.
I had this great idea, mostly as a joke, why not grow a plant in a spare locker?
I am currently a high school student that goes to a small school, and have way too much time on my hands. As i was looking at the empty lockers we have from students who left, or even just spares, an idea hit me. Why not put one of these lockers to good use? Why not put a plant inside of it, that can sustain most if not all of itself? Have a gallon of water in there, along with an arduino and a moisture sensor, that would end up watering the plant. I would also have an artificial light source to provide light, preferably LED. The hardest bit is the power. All of this would run off of either a SLA battery or two, or maybe a drill battery. I could swap the battery once every day, which means it would need to go for 24 hours without stopping. That, and the weekends, which would be three full days. I first thought about mushrooms, or other dark growing plants, but i find that boring, lacking a challenge. besides doing this just for jokes, i have also wanted to try out the idea of growing a plant fully indoors without the use of natural sunlight. I have never done this, so please feel free to bombard me with recommendations. Again, this is only an idea. I can only assume it's possible. Also, recommendations on parts and methods would be sweet. Some type of light that can be powered on 12-24v, and run off of a SLA or maybe even a lawnmower battery for minimum of 3 days. Also, plant. I was thinking a tomato plant? Some species that doesn't grow taller than 2.5ft? Anyway, that's the idea. If you guys could help with ideas, provide recommendations, or point me in the correct direction, that'd be sweet.
Last note, i would like to keep this cheap. I am not going for some extreme garden or anything. Just a single plant, in a semi-self sustaining locker.


If you put the plant in a terrarium, it won't need watering, just light.

The mushrooms could work quite well, though - line the locker with elderly wood, impregnate with the spores of your choice, and you'll have a locker like the inside of a rotting tree, with mushrooms growing into the space and up.

Thing about terrarium, for what I read, you can't produce anything from one (a harvest of any sorts). Mushrooms could work, but I am not a huge fan of shrooms (unless cooked, or served with something) and wouldn't it have a smell? That's another issue. The locker cannot emit any odor. And the thing is, some people already do that with their gym clothes, I want to try something new. I think my hardest issue is the battery power source, and the light.

Thanks for replying!

Terrariums can have doors...

Oh! Line the bottom of the locker with a thick layer of felt,stand the pot on the felt, and run a strip of felt from under the pot to the soil - any moisture the plant gives off will condense inside the locker, run down, and get transferred back to the plant - you turn the whole locker into a terrarium!

I could also do something similar to this. The biggest issue is, what type of light to buy, and how to power it for three days with batteries?