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Growing Facial Hair Answered

growing facial hair has concerned me, i want it faster. i have decided to grow a goatee, and it isn't coming along so far. If anyone is going to help me they are going to need some facts about my hairy abilities so here they are. 1 I have never shaved, but i have enough facial hair to do so 2 im Sicilian,(italy jackass) 3 im 14 4 I have a mustache going on thats about 1/2 centimeter in length 5 i do have beard hairs but not enough to call it a beard. all over my lower cheeks and chin i have rough but not very visible hair. My goal is to grow a nice beard(goatee) and or mustache is there any way to speed this up? Every forum i have seen on this most people say shavings a bitch but i don't really care. so anyone with advice id love to get it and probabaly alot of the teens here on instructables so thanks.


In addition to shaving, I would recommend working out. Weights, not just cardio.


10 years ago

I think it only seems to make it thicker because the cut end of the hair is thicker than the pointer end of a new-growing hair if the old ones fall out. It can't hurt to try, and if it doesn't work you get foxy designer stubble :)

...if it doesn't work you get foxy designer stubble :)


Supposevely shaving speeds up hair growth, or makes it come in thicker (so i've heard). I don't know if it's just a myth, but it's worth a shot. One of my cousins did that to his chest...

it's a myth. BTW I love that this guy wants advice, but is insulting in the asking.

thats how i roll, and if you dont know where sicily is than you are a jack***(do the stars make you feel better?)

sorry i missed one word, so ill just say biatch, or would you prefer beech lol. I dont believe cursing, or as you put it insulting is only "insulting" if you use it in a violent vulgar or disgusting manor. here it is used simply for empahsis

First off: profanity is usually acceptable in bars and prisons. Not on Instructables.

Second: try Miracle Gro.

Hehe, not really... But the Doctor is right: if you shave it, hair will come....

lol, its one word and its in parantheses(cant spell it right)