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Growing Grub Answered

Here in France we suffer a lot with doryphores (Colorado Beetle). For the last few years I have grown my potatoes in straw which does seem to have reduced the number of beetles I've had to put up with. 1) A week or so before planting time (or, if you want to try and conserve water do this in winter), break open a few bales of straw and lay the wedges - tightly together - over your spud patch. 2) Soak for several days until saturated. (if doing over winter then forget this stage. The rain will do it for you) 3) Lay seed spuds over the soaked wedges and cover with loose straw. As the spuds grow just "earth up" with more loose straw 4) From time to time check the bottom is still damp. Water if required. I find that I rarely have to water 5)To harvest, or if you want just a few New Spuds, lift the loose straw and take what is wanted. 6) After all the spuds have been harvested you can either leave the straw in situ and re-use next year, dig it into the ground or move to a manure/compost heap to finish rotting down. Sorry I haven't got any pics. I didn't think of taking any as I've used this method for a few years and I've also broken my camera when I had a fall. Haz


PREVENT BUGS ON TOMATO PLANTS: If you want to prevent bugs on tomato plants just wait until the plant has a little growth to have a sturdy stem coming off the mainstem. Break one of the larger, lower, branches down low on the tomato plant. DO NOT BREAK IT OFF! BREAK THE BRANCH & LET IT HANG SO IT RESTS ON THE SOIL. The plant will emit a natural chemical that bugs don't like.

I will not scream. Truly - I will not scream Went out yesterday to check on the spuds only to find the gate had been broken by a branch from the cherry tree falling on it during the recent storms and the hens and goats had go into the veg patch. Total Destruction

Hi Lemonie Yeah! I know it's notifiable in UK but here in France it's so rife as to make it impossible to bother with. Just keep picking the blighter's off the spuds and drowning them. Lithium How do I do that? I'm a total Newbie to this site. Haz

Well, I know you said your camera was broken, but this would still make an awesome instructable - perhaps you could use carefully picked images of hay or collaborate with someone to get pictures. Then when you publish it you have an option to enter it into the contest. (Also, if you hit the REPLY button at the bottom of people's comments they'll get notified directly of your replies. :) )

Not a brilliant pic but it's all I can find. Spuds growing in Straw Lame Veg


That looks great - I really think you should write it up as an ible. :)

OK Boss. If you Insist, I'll get onto it in the next few days. (B.T.W. I've got a new camera so I can start taking pics) Lame Veg

It was mainly for the benefit of others, I thought you would likely know. Interesting post - do what LR suggests if you are able


You may be aware of this, but this beetle is notifiable in the UK


That's an awesome idea! You should totally submit it to the garden contest. :)