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When life gives you lemon pips... Answered

A friend just brought us back a lemon she picked (with permission) from a grove in a convent garden in Rome. It was very tasty, and had five pips in it.

What is the best way to grow these pips on into a new bush or tree?

I don't have a greenhouse, but I do have windowsills. I eventually plan for the bush / tree to end up in a large pot.

(I know I could google it, but do you happen to know whether lemon trees have gender? In other words, would I need two trees to get fruit?)



9 years ago

I've grown a citrus plant from just sticking the seeds into a dirt pot and leaving it on a window sill. I am not sure whether it is an orange or grapefruit (I don't know which seed sprouted). I've also grew some pomegranate plants this way as well. When I planted them I had a nice sunny window sill, and they grew well, since then I moved and I don't get any direct sunlight, but the plants are still alive, although growing slowly (it is only about 20cm in height). The citrus plant has never bloomed, so perhaps it does need a mate. I live in Vancouver, so the climate is fairly similar to the UK.

vancouver is wayyy colder than london, but, if you can grow a citrus plant, anyone in the UK can =D

When life hands me lemons, i make beef stew.

When life hands ME lemons, I genetically modify them to make SUPER LEMONS!!!

I suggest that you dry the pit for a few days an then plant it. It will help make it have richer fruit

The best option is to actually grow it from cuttings, if that's possible, try cuttings.

That's right, growing things from pips or seeds gives a lower chance percentage of bearing fruit when they become mature enough to yield fruit (whatever it may be). There is still a chance though. My grandad's cherry tree for example, was grown from a wee little cherry stone. 8-) (It's just slimmer.)

Wow, nice. Cherries are a bit of a pest though because it can sprout up from any part of the root system. I've had cherries come up in the back yard when I planted it in the front. :S

Really?! That's bizarre -- in a way it's cool, but in another -- a real pain in the rump. My grandads cherry tree is in a big container, rather than the ground so there is little chance of this happening, my eucalyptus is sprouting from the soil-line oddly, time for some cuttings I think...

You will need a greenhouse to get fruit in the UK. For sure, they grow fine normally, but if you want it to fruit, you need at least one of those outdoor anoraks over a frame.

NOT tru at all, apple tree's, theyre fruit, ive got one in my garden and in my old house there were, emm LOADS!!! Also, tomatoes are fruit, VERY easy to grow OUTDOORS without ANY protection. strawberries, ma dad managed... blue berries, Blackberries, REDberries, those little red things on holy (TECHNICALLY a fruit) need I go on???

If you read the question... he was asking about lemons, the fruit in question was lemons.


9 years ago

I thinks if u put them on a windowsill, and put a mini green house made of a 2L plackstick bottle, then itle work FINE, give it time tho, and be sure to give it bigger pots as it gets potbound...