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Guess Who Got His Drivers License? Answered

Me. :P


my aunt let my cousin drive around a really big parking lot with only 1 othor car in it that was in a small corner far away. she never went over 5 miles an hour. she is 15.guess what she hit. i am so exited she will be on the road soon.


9 years ago

Congratz buddy

I still have to ride the bus with the little kids that are rather creepy -_-

I rarely drove to school, once I got my license.....why waste gas money when my parents had already paid to get me there and back? :-)

My parents won't let me near the cars even though I've had my license since 3/21. Its actually faster to walk than to drive.

Yes, you are right, but, if you have a bike, you can go far more faster than car in a traffic jam!

The Mercedes Sprinter is also a good sprinter. :P

heh heh heh I should use "ha ha" but this is the Turkish way.

PS: except for the few times we practiced with the permit, I never drove my Dad's car.

I delayed getting mine for one year and I got a kind of bonus for that.....back then (about 33 years ago) if you waited until you were 17 to get a license (instead of the normal 16), one would get a Senior license immediately (at age 17). Those that got them at 16, had to wait until they were 18 to get off of the junior license (it involved a curfew, no driving after 11:00 pm on a Jr. license).

Do they have a separate bus for the non-creepy ones? If so, you have to ask yourself why you're not on it ;->

No sadly XD When I was I was in elementary school they had two bus runs, one for elementary school and another for high school. But they don't have that anymore

In my school there are about 20 buses,each going to a certain area.I ride the free "ring" bus that does not leave Bilkent University.

That's a lot of buses. We only have 8 XD

wow, we have like 15, just for our high school

15 is a lot too! I wish we had buses just for the high school

Congrats sir! Now don't let me catch you on a cellphone while driving or I'll stomp you. :D

cuz thats bad...
It distracts you and leaves you more vulnerable to accidents

Good for you bumpus! Have fun zooming around! (But don't get caught by the police, we don't want to see you leaving instructables.)

as well as 1,000,000,000 other people in the whole world. Why dont you take a pic of your license (censor your photo if you want)?

but still, nice! You get a ride you can pimp out and everything. I have to wait 3 years give or take a few months......

That was rude. I, for one, rejoice with bumpus in his good news. Getting a license is often considered the closest thing we have to a rite of passage to adulthood in our modern society.

Congrats, I hope to get mine soon...

Dash!! Must get it before Keith and KillerJ!!

No, he need to be 18 to get one while the Americans can get drivers license at age 15! (I think) And because I have Asperger syndrome, I can get a drivers license at age 17! (yay!)

Nahh, Last I heard, he is taking lessons, different laws, in different places.

I'm taking lessons, but we do proper driving.

*cackles* Are there more American drivers or European?

More American drivers because europe is a very tight place, not enough for too many cars...

You do not want to see what a evening traffic jam would look like in london.. :-)

idk,but we Turks drive badly. The image bug will be to my advantage this time(hopefully)


KillerK has his license, he's 26, and we see him drive a car in the SR-v1 video

I get it. Killerk is a bit old to be a knexer....

I need to wait...just a sec*flips through driver handbook*...about 8 years

Oddsbodkins, I reckoned you Turks wouldn't even require licenses...