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Guess where I put a robot sticker Answered

I'll give you a hint: It is in a place where it is not supposed to be.


google earth?

The one opportunity I ever got to go to the new Philly's Stadium, was in a box seats just off to the right of home plate. There are now (unless someone scraped them off), at least 3 stickers up there for anyone to peruse ;-)

Well, this was posted in Aug. Just a few weeks after my double bypass, which is probably why I missed it the first time around ;-) I wasn't all that keen about sitting up for long periods of time at the computer.... :-p

Ah, I see. In any event, you weren't the bumper; Mr. Space was. You just came along for the ride :-)

Yeah, you might say I was part of the supporting cast LOL


9 years ago

I wish I had some stickers to randomly place around my area... On a cow... :D

I put a few over urinals... right where you stare strait ahead...


9 years ago

maybe ill stick one on the white house

cool... where is that... it would be cool for parkour... assuming you can dodge lots and lots of cars O-o

Smooth, I have a few to put fun places, care to compete?

I've got about 50 stickers, I plan to plaster them all over Downtown (I've already been putting a couple at eye level above urinals)

Hmm I got a few coming, if I can still get up there after they worked on them I'll put one on the H&W cranes of belfast.

Next few ones will be fun, I have a bumper stick to put somewhere as well...

im going to wales next week so ill put some stickers around :P pics when i get back :D

At local ski mountains, its custom to put stickers like Burton or Pitcrew (a local board shop) on the ski life poles. Its hard too, I've never done it but if I did, I would place an ibles one

I slapped one on the tail of an f22 raptor before an airshow i had pics. pilot didn't care, he took a picture too and flew through the whole show with it on. They dont stick well at mach 1.6., thats when it flew off and landed on some guys boat.


9 years ago

I'm trying to think of the best places to put some of mine... I think the back of a seat on a BA 747 would be nice, it would get a lot of people staring at it for hours at a time but might get removed... and I don't want to act suspcious hanging around in airports any more than I reasonably have to. Library noticeboard? Bus stop timetable? Hmm... (remembers the trouble Danny Wallace got into for "guerilla marketing campaign")

I made some magnetic ones to stick to surfaces on the subway in NYC, but forgot to bring them on the subway...

Climbing that seems like a lot of fun!

Im soooooo putting some around diff. craft stores!

And now I understand why there were so many pictures of you on the bridge. Only 500 more pictures that need explanations now! :D

Yeah, really. I was wondering that too. I thought perhaps it was the most important bridge in Japan... or the only bridge in Japan... or the bridge Billy was living under.... but no, it's the bridge with a sticker on it. Now I get it.

That is not the wisest thing to do if it can lead you to getting deported. I think in Singapore or nearby you might go to jail for sticking a piece of gum somewhere in public...

oh you rebel you *sarcastically* lol good 4 you

You naughty, naughty person...

Where "naughty"="awesome"