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Guidance needed - Need idea for elementary school Maker Faire - physical science station Answered


Last year, I had the students build a scooter, create an obstacle course, run it through for our Maker Faire physical science station. It was fantastic. I'm looking for ideas for this year's activity.

- students must build something
- students must physically do something with the built item
- groups of 3-5 students
- 30 min including disassembly

All ideas are welcome!


A perennial favourite in the UK is the "egg race" - give them all exactly the same rubber band to power a vehicle to transport a raw egg as far as possible without breaking it.

A "build day"project that I did in elementary school which I still remember fondly was a challenge to see who could build the strongest bridges between two desks using only newspaper and tape.

We first had a lesson about how to strengthen the material ( rolling each sheet of newspaper into a long tight roll) and what shapes we should use in our bridge design ( triangles being able to carry more weight than squares or circles in I recall correctly). We were than given a set number of sheets of newspaper and a set length of tape to work with. We could "unlock" more materials but doing "tasks" (spelling, math, history from the learning plan so far - but I'm sure this is where the team could do some physical challenges - like run a lap or shoot a basketball ) - at the end, we tested each team's bridge to see which one could hold the most amount of weight. We dd this by stacking textbooks on it until it come crashing down.

hydraulics/pnuematics w/ syringes and tubing.

I've used this project for multiple classes. It fulfills 3 out of the 4 requirements on your list. The only thing missing is physical fitness. For that, I guess you could make the kids chase the projectile or shoot them at each other :).

Similar to pinewood derby car building and racing, you could switch it out for model sailboats. They could be made out of empty plastic water bottles or anything else that they find that can float. Attach paper sails that the kids only provide air currents by blowing through a straw. Advanced science could use balloon or rubber-band powered propeller or paddlewheels. Use those long wallpaper applicator trays filled with water as the course to run and have friendly competitions. Best part is everyone will be thinking about it after class and get their imagination going to work on it. Good luck.

I would put a rubber duckie on popsicle stick waterskis holding a windsail...