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Guide Button Gone? Answered

Probably an oversight in the last big update, rather than an actual bug, but the button to start a new Guide has disappeared.

(Credit to Pfarmkid for noticing.) 



5 years ago

Guides aren't going away! The UI is changing, and we had to pull the button this last release due to a bug. I'll check with the dev team to see when you can expect them back.

Is there any news about the guides or is it going to be rolled out in a future update?

I believe they are still in development, but I have no knowledge of a time-scale yet.

So the comment from GorillazMiko an intern at Instructables wasn't so much a statement of fact as a speculative one.

I speculate he has been taken out back and someone had a long talk with him...

I don't think the talk needed to be very long.

I was thinking slightly shorter, say about 1/4 second...

I was allowing for the back-swing as well...

Just remember to keep your knees straight and your elbows locked, or you'll slice it right into the trees...

Wedgies are more professional.

The URL still works. You may make guides to your heart's content: https://www.instructables.com/edit/new?type=guide

And the new UI shouldn't break the functionality of legacy guides. Which is good news for ebooks and featured authors and those of you who noticed that the "submit a guide" button has disappeared.

"No more guides!" - Gregg

Hmmm... That stinks oh well. Thanks for informing us!

Guides aren't going away! They're getting a UI change, and the button is gone temporarily. Back soon.

How come there are no more guides?
I ask mainly because I have spent a not inconsiderable amount of time looking for suitable 'ibles, contacting members asking permission to include their work & preparing one to publish recently,
Time I wouldn't have spent if someone had just had the courtesy to let the people who actually produce the content for the site (remember them they are the ones who essentially provide a reason for companies to advertise & pay all the staff wages) that a useful & informative part of the site was being axed.
I'm getting the feeling the members are sometimes seen as mushrooms.

Who's ordinary? :-)
I would say that not simply finding but wanting to stay & contribute to a site like Instructables would define anybody as "Extraordinary"

I always thought is was the regular people and the irregular...wait

We're all regular chez Kite, since the supermarket started selling apple juice with added prunes.

Is it possible to be regular & irregular at the same time? if it is than that would be me...
One of the customers in my pub once started a sentence with the words "Normal blokes like you and me" I didn't find out what the rest of the sentence was going to be I had to walk away before I barred him; he was drinking that sub zero orange fizzy stuff from Australia so I guess it wasn't really his fault.

Guides are getting a UI change, and we had to pull the button this release due to a bug. Back (in a slightly different form) soon!