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Guide Me !!! Answered

I want my Arduino  to control 4 power outlets (on\off)..my home electricity is 230v
so i have to design  4 power outlets which should control hair dyer(400w),200w blub,Lcd tv,(50w)pumps
in my project if any fault happens like overvoltage,neutral line fault or overheating happens in any of the outlets that particular outlet should be isolate which should be indicate with LED for this which component should use whether SSR relay or 4 channel Relay shield ?? and  sensing current and voltage for measuring the total power which was consuming by the devices which should transmit thro zigbee to LCD for monitoring... give some idea plzz 

Please help me understand these things, and remember I'm very  new , so if you think I need to but something else, it will be great if you could explain !!!

Lots of Thanks !!!!




5 years ago

There are exiting solid state relays built into power cords that are made to be controlled by an arduino. But those are usually found only in 120VAC versions. You may have to use a good mechanical relay. Connecting a temp sensor to the cords or device for the arduino to monitor can easily be done as well. But you'll need quite a bit more electronics and protection if you want the arduino to act as a power meter. Rather than trying to put something like that together yourself it would be easier to buy some Kill-A-Watt power meters to do that for you. They will plug inline with the power cords.

Making your own digitally monitored power strip is kind of an advanced project. You gotta know what your doing especially when dealing with mains power.


Reply 5 years ago

This is a project want to do and submit it i have to control 4 device and i have to show if fault happens means what relay will do whether all the four socket turn off or particular outlet will turned off and i have to measure the each outlet Power and have to transfer the data into LCD thro Xbee whether arduino uno is enough or i go for arduino mega ?

ll upload my schematic diagram soon :) :)

and guide me help me !!!

Thanks a lot for response :) :)


Reply 5 years ago

Like i said this is a rather advanced project. Not one that could be done without learning a lot more and not something that we could easily walk you through.

Is this a school project or something for a competition?