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Guides to Drawing Wolves Instructable Answered

A while ago I submited an instructable titled "Guides to Drawing Wolves" that was a collection of four wolf drawing tutorials that I had found helpfull along with my own explanations and reccomendations to go along with each one. For everyone that enjoyed and/or benefited from that instructable I wanted to let you know that I've amassed even more tutorials, some of them even better than the ones I originally had that I made the instructable out of.

Thus, in the near future I'll either be updating the original instructable to include more guides, or I'll be making a part two. Either way, if you want to see more keep an eye out for it!


I have done quite a few wolf pyrographies....and they seem to be the ones that sell the best too :-)

Thanks =) I do wish I could carve or burn them into wood though like you do

If you can sketch, you can do the pyrography, It just takes a bit of practice, and a LOT of patience, since it is essentially sketching with a hot soldering iron like tool with special tips. Not burning too much in one spot or trying to burn out "too much of the picture" in the beginning are probably the easiest mistakes to make.

I might try it sometime, I actually have a woodburner I've just never used it.

If it's the big older type you may want to consider getting a newer style that aren't such e-hogs. The newer ones are MUCH better and have interchangeable tips that can save you from having to own several sizes. Plus with the interchangeable tips, you can just replace a worn one and keep on burning!

Yeah, I don't know how much electricity it uses, but I do have interchangable tips... but I've lost all but the tip I had left in it

You can pick up the tips at hobby/craft stores or even online if you know the name of the woodburner. Woodcraft has these tips for under $10usd which are for  this replaceable handpiece. Yours may be older but if you have the name you should be able to find some tips for it.

Cool!!! =) If you ever manage to find a picture of one of those wolf pyrographies you'll definitly have to show me!

Other then this one, in my instructable on this subject, I can't seem to find any. But I will continue to  look.

The Iron Grip.jpg

Nice, pyrography is wood burning right?

Thank you, and yes it is. That piece was especially difficult because I had to burn a lot more of the wood then normal (making the dark sky, and although you can't see it in the picture, the stars all around that "moon".

How did you manage to make the sky completely black withought showing individually burned lines?

There are a large variety of tips you can use with a standard iron, there is one with a flat spade like surface, and one with a rounded nose (as pictured here) but most effects can be gotten with a standard universal tip (admittedly, the spade and rounded tips are what I used on the sky).  

at the link, use the link to enlarge the picture so you can see it better...

Cool, the tip I have is the same as the one in your picture.... I remember mine came with some other tips but I looked around my workroom yesterday after I asked that question and I couldn't find any of them.

Which? The spade tip? It takes a bit of practice to get it to work right....and don't expect a completely solid black background (that would look fake anyways).

Hey, I found the most recent one I sold in my old pic folder....

wolf picture.JPG

Wow, that's really good! It's a lot more detailed than I thought wood-burnings were!

Thank you, though I've done better, that piece of wood was REALLY grainy and hard to get decent lines in it (the eyes were very miss matched. It is hardly bigger then my outstretched hand.

Still did a good job though.

Eye's are always the hardest thing for me when I draw wolves, it's so hard to keep them from being off even the slightest bit.

Well thank you.

Yeah, I do much better if a draw/burn a profile, so I only need to do one eye, and not have to match the other. :-) 

Of ALL the things I Have done over the years, the wolves have been the most popular

BTW - Here's the link to instructable (it's not updated yet): https://www.instructables.com/id/Guides-to-Drawing-Wolves/

Beautiful work.