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Guitar Finish? Answered

Hello, I am finishing my electric guitar, and i wet sanded and everything, and i heard rumors that you use rubbing compound on
the last bit to get it to look good. In the instructable by Gmoon, applying a mirror finish (by hand), it says that he used Rubbing compound, but people keep saying, "I think you mean POLISHING compound....", and i don't know which one to use. I have the guitar all dull looking from wet sanding, and i just need it shiny. What is your outlook on this? Thank you



Best Answer 8 years ago

The process of making anything shiny is making the scratches smaller.

The abrasive in polishing compound is is finer than rubbing compound so it's to be used after rubbing compound.

Better products will have a number to describe the fineness of the particles. The higher the smoother the finish.

Polish works by filling in some of the microscopic scratches making the surface look glass like.

There is nothing to be gained by going with anything finer than polishing compound then polishing with a good polish.

If your guitar is not perfect after the polish then you didn't do a good enough job on the sanding/rubbing/polishing compound, so go back and do it all again.

I speak from many projects experience.


8 years ago

If you look at step one of gmoon's instructable, it shows that besides the rubbing compound, it also shows he has a Fender guitar polish product. Later in step six, he says "For a final step, I used a bit of jewelers rouge on a dry cloth, then a bit of guitar polish to get that shine." That's a great instructable, perhaps you should leave a comment asking for additional direction such as where he personally found the products, or even send him a PM to see if you can get a response.