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Guitar Hero 3 For Wii Audio Flaw Answered

I was meaning to post this sooner but completely forgot. Anyway, If you don't already know, Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock for the Wii has a disk flaw. The flaw makes the sound in mono instead of the Dobly Digital Surround Sound that is advertised on the box. Activision will replace it for free though. The way you can tell if you have a flawed version of the disk is if you look right above the Activision logo and if theres a little white star there or not. If there is one you have the new version and don't need a replacement. If not you can go here, fill out the form and then they will send you an envelope for you to put your old one in and send back and then finally you get sent a new version. I just thought I'd let you know. Good Luck!

--Note-- If you send them a disk thats anything other than the old version of the Wii GH3 game they won't send anything back.


How could you tell unless you are listening really hard? Oh and by the way. My cousin's version on the 360 is messed up. On Face-off or Pro Face-off you can't hear player 2. Any help?

I have no idea why his is messed up.He may just have a faulty disk. But the problem with mine was that when you played pro or face off when it was one players turn it would suddenly switch all sound to those speakers on his side. When it was the 2nd players turn it would do the same and make it sound like crap. But oh well its free and comes with a faceplate :)

Thanks dude, I guess I got the flawed one. I haven't noticed it that much too send it back to Activision.

no problem. with mine for some reason it makes it sound really weird when playing multiplayer so im probably going to send it back

Well if everything goes good then I will do the same. Post back.

I finally got mine back today and it sounds a lot better. They also gave me a free faceplate because I didn't bug them or call them about it.