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Guitar Light Answered

ok i am trying to find a way to make a light that flashes while striking the guitar strings any ideas? I was thinking in the form of a wah pedal but thats too much of a hassel.


I'm actually workin on this. I need to get a microphone though... I'm using a transistor i got from some old circuit board and working from there. I've got it so I can make the light (or actually a motor as a substitute from having no l.e.d.s nearby) come on when I attach a really weak battery to two leads. When the transistor is lying with the flat part down, connect the positive battery terminal to the left pin, negative to the right. Then for the source (microphone or some small signal) attach the positive lead (or for a mic. I guess either) to the middle pin and attach the negative to the right pin (also has the battery's negative contact). Now, just put the light in line with the batteries. I'm still trying to find out if a mic has enough signal from it to work or not. I don't think my electric guitar does, although the led might work where the motor wouldn't....

using a wah-wah pedal to make it light up is just messing up a rather pricy acecoirie, buy one of those kist, or just build a own guitar (not a joke) alty


11 years ago

Search for "color organ", and you'll find kits and plans. They flash lights based on sound frequency and volume. If you want something that activates lights for for each string separately, guess you'll have to design some sort of custom pickup-driven 'color organ.'

flash whenever i strike them i guess like whenever sound is made from the guitar

How about something microphone-controlled? Should it just flash when you strike them? Or what sort of light pattern do you need?