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Guitar Stand Answered

Is it possible to make a stand for a guitar out of knex?


I think you could. Acoustics are light but you may need to beef it up for an electric. If you were to really use it, I would glue all the parts together with something that can bond plastic. Nothing worse than seeing your axe fall in slow motion. Then again, if you are making a rack for your guitar hero guitars, it would be pretty cool.

 Yeah, i would probably make a rack for a normal acoustic guitar, electric probably would break very easily unless as you said it was permanently glued down, but then those pieces are worthless... hmmm 


8 years ago

I'm trying to build one right now! But it isn't working out...


9 years ago

I have a small acoustic, a normal sized one, and a charvel jackson electric. (take your pik)

Possibly. Try out things. Post an Instructable.