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Guitar String as Record Stylus? Answered

I'm wondering if you can use the high e (smallest one) guitar string as a record stylus, because I lost the stylus I have. I cant find one anywhere and they're too expensive online. I've tried it on an old record, but the sound is kind of distorted (the pitch keeps fluctuating). Will it harm any records?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Don't do it, it will knack-up the record's.

Buy a 2nd-hand turntable, or see what you can find on eBay.


Don't do it. You'll end up destroying your vinyl. Instead, try MCMElectronics and look for the original. They have many styli priced from $1.19 USD to $159.00 USD. You and your vinyl will thank you.


You might/would be better off with a steel pin or the end of a sewing needle. BUT modern records made from Vinyl are much softer than old time shellac or phenolic records (eg 78's) so will damage easily.

Don't use a guitar string; it'll just wobble around hardly following the grooves, and will probably scratch the record.