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Guitar amp doesnt play sound in headphones when pluged in. Answered

Hello, so I have a Orange amp, the crush 20 rt model and it plays just fine. When i want to play the sound to the headbphones it doesn't play.
There is amp amp plug and the headphones plug, next to the headphones is the aux where i plug my headphones, but when i play, the sound doesn't go to the headphones.
Any solutions?
Also sorry if there are any mistakes in my engrish.


The AUX IN jack is used to plug in the audio cable from something like an mp3 player or some other sound source so you can play your instrument along with the music. It is a smaller 1/8th inch audio jack. No sound comes out of it.

The bigger headphones jack is used for headphones with 1/4 inch standard stereo/mono plug which is the same as your guitar cable. Most good headphones will have the 1/4 inch plug and you use an adapter to get it to fit into the smaller 1/8th inch audio jack which fits most earbuds and such like you find on the computer.

Your amp headphone jack is probably working. You are not connecting correctly to it. Good luck.

Did you try the obvious already?
Test the headphones in some other device...
Trying a different headset in the amp...
Making sure the headphones are plugged in fully...
If the amp goes silent when headphones are plugged in it means the switch in the plug is working.
Does not say anything about the headphone or the actual output to it though....

I have the headphones in my computer everday and they work everyday. Tried a different headset, same results, not working. Made sure that they were plugged in fully, still no results. The amp does go silent when i plug the big cable from guitar to the amp headphones plug, but it still doesn't play the sound when i plug the headset to the aux plug.

If it is not a level problem then I would assume the headphone output to be faulty.
AFAIK there are no switches or buttons to activate the output, so if you have access to an oscilloscope I would suggest to use it on the output.
That way you can confirm if something is coming out and at what level.
Considering even at standard line level headphones should produce some sound you might still need a proper check of the amplifier.