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Guitar opinion? Answered

I am hoping to buy decent guitar as soon as I have the money. There are a few that I have looked at alot, but I am having a tough time deciding between them. The guitars? An Epiphone Wilshire ($400), a Fender Squier Jaguar ($300), and a Gretsch Resenator ($360)

I would love to have any of the three, and Im interested in many types of music. The White Stripes, Primus, Jack White, Cage the Elephant, Nirvana, Cake, The Black Keys, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Tesla, Guns and Roses, and many more. I play both acoustic and electric and I am decent using a slide.

Which would you choose? I hope to go to Guitar Center within a couple months to try them out.






Best Answer 5 years ago

I can't speak to the Gretsch reso, and quite honestly the company's flagship guitars are hollow bodied jazz boxes, so I personally would not go for that one.

The Wilshire is certainly a cool looking guitar and I can vouch for the quality and play-ability of Epiphone guitars. They are producing top notch guitars at solid prices. This would be a great introduction into the world we call Gibson.

The Squire Jaguar is simply put "drop dead sexy". I have 2 Squires and for an inexpensive Fender product they can't be beat. I have many far more expensive guitars than these but I always seem to be reaching for the Squire. I always get a silly grin on my face when playing one.

In my honest opinion you need to sit down and play the Epi and the Squire and decide which one you like the best. I would push you towards the Jag only because I love a Fender neck.

Another hint, check Craig's list, these are frequent fliers and you may even find a Mexican made Fender for what you would pay for a new Squire or Epi.

Good luck in your hunt.

Thanks. I have played both the Wilshire and many different Jags before and i really like them both. I love the squier that I have (a tele) but I also realize that they arent the best guitars. Mabe theyre just forever labeled as "cheap." The wilshire feels great too (better than most Epiphones or Gibsons, in my opinion.) I guess I will just have to take a closer look next time I get a chance.

I know this is way old and my .02 isn't going to help the kid who posted the original question, since he/she has probably traded whatever was decided twice by now. My comment is NEVER make a guitar purchase based on advice from the Internet. What the instrument SOUNDS like and how it feels in your hands should be your #1 and #2 considerations, in no particular order... and the only way you're going to know either is to go to the store and play lots of guitars. Even if you love how something looks - if the neck doesn't suit you - or it's thin and bright like a Strat or Telecaster when you wanted thick and "humbuckery" like a Gibson... you're gonna hate it and it won't meet your needs. PS - You're 10x better off with the low end that says "Gibson" or "Fender" than you are with the upper end of the "Epiphone" or "Squier" lines. Anything with "Gibson" on the headstock will hold its value and even gain value - even their very lowest-priced entry-level guitars. Epiphones (or Squiers) - the Chinese versions of a real Gibson/Fender respectively - can be excellent instruments, equal in every way dollar-for-dollar except one.... resale value. Example - Epiphone's fanciest "SG" is about the same street price as Gibson's "Faded" SG (their most basic). Let's say it's $500 without a case. In 20 years, the Epiphone will be worth $250 in today's dollars.... but the Gibson will still be worth $500 or even $600 in today's dollars. I've been buying-selling instruments as a hobby for over 30 yrs - I speak the truth. Cheap domestic axe is always a better bet than the fancy offshore axe.

For what you want, the Wilshire will be your best bet. If you want to get into modifying, you can eventually upgrade the pickups and add coil splitting/tapping pots and have a VERY nice guitar. I know you said you ruled it out, but the sound is MUCH more from the amp than the guitar. The sound of the guitar can be changed easily anyways.

The Jaguar will most likely be too short for you (as is the problem with many people). By short, I mean the scale length is just way too short.

The Sonoran is pretty nice if you want acoustic, same for the Gretsch.

I think you need to make up your mind more before you decide on anything. Try going to Ultimate-guitar.com and posting on the forums there. People are very helpful over there, much more than most people on here.

Thanks. As for the short scale, I could get a jazzmaster. One thing i dislike about the Epiphone is the way it feels. It just, i don't know... feels awkward.

I have ruled out the Epiphone. Don't like the sound too much. Might go for a Jaguar eventually. I also began to look at the Fender Sonoran, and those are really great, so maybe I will get that.