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Guitar recycling Answered

My well-meaning parents bought me a half-size acoustic guitar as I was adding to my collection.

Bad news is, it's useless. It not only has no adjustable truss rod but, as far as I can tell, no neck reinforcement whatsoever, so it's slowly turning itself into a slide guitar. The intonation is so far out that, despite all the useful guides, I despair of bringing it anywhere near something playable, even if I knew what key it was intended to be tuned to (it feels close at a G or an A, but it's still so far out it's crazy). Even if I could fix all of the above, the keys are so loose that three seconds of playing loosens the string anyway.

Help! What can I use an unplayable guitar for? :D Should I strip it for parts? Should I turn that lovely sound box into a drum? Turn it into a table? I need inspiration!

I'm the kinda gal whose favourite guitar was rescued from a sidewalk, so I don't want it to die; but despite its shape, it's not a guitar. :(


Ask one of your techie friends to help. They could know some kind of amplifier circuit for that. Seriously, my friend made an amplifier circuit, connected it to the guitar. Now it has a cool electric guitar sound to it!

I like the speaker idea. You could also make it a "Memorabilia" guitar, slap some stickers on it, get it signed, etc...

... laser guitar?

Actually, with over-enthusiastic freecycling, now I have a pair of half-size, rather useless as instruments, guitars.

I'm tempted to extrapolate your idea, kelseymh, into a pair of speakers ... having not dared to take a drill to them yet, how much volume do you get just with an ear bud in a guitar sound box?


7 years ago

You could turn it into a laser guitar... ;)

You could make it a guitar that Milli Vanilli would be proud to use!

Drill a small hole in the back and thread the wire for some earbuds through from the front. Glue or tack the earbuds down inside the body of the guitar.

Hook up your iPod or MP3 player with some great guitar instrumentals, and blow the crowd away with your Mad Axe Skillz :-) Also suitable as a prop for a mannequin or large pet.