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Gun Forums and Comments Answered

Anyone noticed that all of the comments on gun instructables are really bitter and often very combative? Maybe there's a trend between people who feel the need to use guns and their personalities...




4 years ago

I did not check the comments but know for a fact that when it comes to guns the onions of people are quite diveded.

Considering that basically every kid can check the net for instructions on how to build a potato cannon firing golf balls through 18mm playwood it is to understand that there parents and individuals that don't agree with posting related stuff at all.

And take gun laws in different countries to judge the development of awarness and what is accessible.

In the US, most parts of EU any teen can use an air rifle and from the age of 16 buy them legally in shops without the need for a license.

Australia and many other countries treat even a cheap bb gun as a dangerous weapon that needs a gun license and hunting permit or membership of a shooting club.

So where other people think it is just fun, people from those countries might even consider the favourtite kids toy, the slingshot as an illegal weapon - which it is in AU...

Upgrading toys or using toys to build a firing "weapon" would be considered criminal too.

Take the example of the soda bottle with the balloon:

Cut the top of the bottle off, attach a good ballon and you have a very accurate and powerful sligshot for little things.

It fits in your pocket and your kids can have fun all day shooting cans fron the fence.

Get caught with it in the CBD of Melbourne or Sydney and you are lucky to get away without a criminal record.

I personnally had the training and knowledge to modify and service a wide rage of firearms, icluding military versions, but I don't post any of it for the above reasons.

Recently a 9 year old girl made it into the press after using a UZI in a shooting range.

This clearly shows how sick some parents are and with how little respect weapons are treated in some regions, so noone should wonder why he or she collects negative comments on firearem related topics, it is just the difference in understanding and using them ;)


8 years ago

make a knex gun? idk