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The VQS range Answered

Hi! These are my guns that are coming out in September when i can get my camera sorted. I've actually finished the 1st one, the SS-90 and this can be found here: instructables.com/id/90_SS_Desechos_P_90. Now these will be the VQS range after the initials of the latin for 'swift and silent'; 'volitas quod silensis'. You know in car firms like Mercedes and Audi you have upgrade lines? AMG and the 'S' line respectively. Well , this is one for knex guns. So for example, the P-90 style gun will be the (VQ)90-SS . V, Q, 90 (as in P-90) ,S ,S(sears sytsem). They all have individual names as well. Here is the guns they are based on - 1. Will be the SS-LE/'Bastille'. This is an old MK. 2 Sten. It has a firing pin and a side loading mag, with a working silencer (hopefully). 2,3 and 4. This is finished ! The 90-SS/'Desechos' - Spanish for refusal. This next gun is a cross between these 2. It has a sears system and 6/10 round hopper - also TOTAL customisability. 5. Hopefully the next to be built. Will be the M-1G/'Adamantine'. An M1 Garand. 6+7. Will be the CD-94/'Flint'. A cross between these 2, although they are essentially the same. The first is a Mauser C96 'Broomhandle', the 2nd a DL44 blaster used by Hans Solo. 8+9. Will be the HM-5S/Cetaebro - Greek for dangerous shadow. These are the H&K; MP5SD and the MP5 Navy repectively. Hopefully it will be a choice of 2 - real semi auto, or firing pin for proper power. A detachable silencer too. Note: 10. I could be trying to make a Henry Repeater Action .22 rifle too.


it does = september now, where are they?

yeh dont be precise - school starts again for me on 7th, i have to get a digital link cable from there and then, hopefully i can post the pictures for the 1st one.

can i plz see a picture of the two if its a p90 ive tried 24849758435974672957.99 times for someone to make instructions for one but they never do so plz? the p90

picture of the 2? i dont know what u mean

you said you have made 2 of them in a previous comment so not to be mean but i dont believe you made any of those guns and if you did i doubt they look good so i want to see a picture

i keep telling everyone , the reason why i havent got any pictures up is because i can only link up a camera when school opens again in september

I hope this does not become like Killerk and his SR-v2

what do you mean?

he postponed it

well it hasnt been postponed yet so ... stay hopeful

Yes. 2 are already built i have drawn up plans for another 2 and have finished the trigger/cip of the m1. Just now.


10 years ago

interesting, cant wait to see