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Guns to make Answered

So I want to know what guns to make, (not ones built before) but I'm low on ideas. I know that there have been topics like this before, but instead of this being for just me, if you have an idea I'll put it in a list here. Anyone can build any of them, (duh you could anyways) and if you make a gun on the list, I'll put a link to it. This way there is 1 topic, not 50. So what should people build?

*scorpion evo III
*Beam Rifle from Halo
*870 Tactical
*Neostead 2000
*Agram 2000
*Spas 12
*AKS74U --------------------- Slideshow: https://www.instructables.com/id/AKS-74U/
*Sterling l2A3
*Mini 14


Just kidding I MADE the skorpion evo

I'm making the Skorpion EVO from black ops 2

Current work on my m240...yea i know its not to fancy but im out of parts for the moment but it should hopefully be belt fed


Yeah I want to figure out how to make a belt fed gun without making it the old mg style... Somehow combine that belt fed with the tr system... I dunno. The stock is a little off, but it looks like you aren't finished. Good job so far.

By old mg style im guessing you mean having lots of small guns on a belt? and i have another idea id try after this thatd be more like what i think your talking about. and thanks

Yeah that's what I mean. I dislike that style, and it would be good if we made something newer and better.

How about the RPK or one of its variants?


7 years ago

Oh, I'm so pro. I already made a mk 43 mod 0.

Did you get that from Combat Arms?

i think that i am going to try the scorpion evo 3 it looks cool and i have an idea for the folding and adjustable stock!! hope it works


7 years ago


FN FAL, or maybe the modded Mini-14 from Starship Troopers


Hmm I suppose I could try out the AK-74u. I'm surprised I haven't yet. Well I have but that was back when my weapons were of low quality. Seems simple enough and I have the pieces. Can't promise a stock though. Don't know if I'll even have the time to try it out.

The stock isn't solid which is a good thing then. Second to last pic.

Hopefully I'll still have the pieces. Otherwise I'm just going to have to leave it off. And is range important at all? Because otherwise I have an idea I want to try out to make it more realistic. It'd probably only allow for a tan rod pin though.

Nah. I mean- as long as it leaves the barrel and all. I'd build it and make a few mods depending.

Yeah well the nice thing about small pins is you can still stack up bands. I can't be certain I'll make the gun and if I do if I'll make it like how I'm thinking but it could be cool.

FAMAS and AK74u have been done quite a few times...

i have been wanting a m60 for a long time i might be able to help you with it if you need it and i could aslo test it out before posted


7 years ago

I'm making an mp5, (not the mp5k)

lol i meant the p10 pistol xd never mind,


7 years ago

The Scorpion Evo III looks deadly... might give it a try after I finish the instructions on the mag release for your mp5k...

Try to make a Famas or any type of bullpup style rife. Alot of people made them but never post instructions. D:

Neostead 2000

okay. We have an ak47 that's good, so it would just be a mod really.

Neostead 2000 and Agram 2000


7 years ago

MG-42!... M60E4!... M249SAW!...