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Guys and gals, please bear with me..... Answered

Those of you who know me well know I have been having a difficult time of late with things "locally", and recently things have come to a bit of a head. 
So, as I appear and disappear, from time to time, I ask your forbearance in taking some of my comments with a grain of salt as I work things out in "my little world".   

I AM working on a project, which I hope I can finish and finish researching how to USE it properly, within a week or two.   Hopefully this will help me out of the slump like hole I have fallen into.

Sana medicus audire me ¡


Slowly I turn.....Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.

- Alan Cohen


Play at a decent volume:


I am not sure I understand.....will have to listen again later ...

Nope, still don't understand :-)

Well, it is kind of catchy :-)

Do the videos mean anything (that you know of)?

No, I just like the tunes, but the videos are pretty.


Yes, but those videos are really really rough on someone always looking for "paterns" and sense, like me :-)

Sorry man, I like the entertainment of art, it get's me out of where I am - escapism if you like.


No need to be sorry; one side of my brain agrees whole heartedly, especially with the first one you posted; but then my other side kicks in and wonders why "the lady" sported a mask, had a submachine gun, etc....and in the second one, why was this person being attacked....the songs didn't seem to give me any clues :-) But it won't keep me up at night.... LOL

I wonder too. "Up on Melancholy Hill, there's a manatee..." - Why?


and IIRC, the guy that shot at the guy with the manatee, watched him drag it into the water, and the next scene showed the shooter with a hole in him ???

Ooops, SHE had a hole in her from the time she climbed into the life raft?

No, the other one in the submarine - a clone of sorts.


Yeah, ok the cyborg or whatever....got it :-) Very odd, with sub drivers that remind me of different "famous" people....but it is hard to piece together....maybe it is not supposed to be pieced together LOL

One of 'em is Snoop Dogg...


And a pretty good likeness too :-)

The character with the shotgun is a cyborg-version of Noodle ("Madam" at the start) - but modeled on her at an earlier age. Yes, the hole is there all the time.

http://gorillaz.com/plasticbeach (Flash, bandwidth intensive)


Had you noticed the short little Popeye the Sailor spoof in the one submarine ? (one fellow, has open can {apparently spinach} and the fellow next to him sucks it out with his corn cob pipe, and immediately bulks up - starts right around 2:17 - 2:18 timewise ) :-)

Yes, I'm not sure who they are though...


BTW: with the Melancholy Hill video, what's with the Popeye the Sailor spoof :-)

This is cute! I have been kind of out of touch. I don't watch TV anymore, I am too busy at working around the house and here! LOL!

I like the song, but the video is a bit disturbing LOL

I guess that is what is popular with cartoons. I liked the oldies.


6 years ago

Hi Goodhart!

Will you be at Maker Faire NY this year? Eric and Randy and I are going again, and we'd love to see you.

I have been unable to find the funds to go...sadly...and I have no ticket nor train ticket, which I should have already....so I guess I have to miss it this year....as I work out the problems keeping me from doing a few simple things in my life. . .

I really HAD planned on being there, this time I wanted to find a way to stay over so I didn't have to arrive at 11 am and rush off at 3:30 pm like I did this past time.

BUT I am getting even MORE resistance this year from Ellen then I did last year, and I don't see how it will come about. She has made it pretty certain that I won't have the funds to travel by train, as I had wanted to, and stay over. Not having those, I may have to give up on the one thing I really need each year, a vacation that is fun for me.

I really DID want to go, and it is depressing me now that I have this road block thrown in front of something that occurs only once a year, and I have only had the opportunity to attend once.

So, in answer, the door is not totally closed on my going, but I am having a lot of difficulties seeing it happen this year.

OK, who wants to pick up Goodhart on their way to NY? ;)

Heck, if all you can do is have me ride in the back of a boat trailer......I'd do that :-) No, that is illegal....I take that back...but you know what I mean. . .

Hope everything is alright and/or gets better soon!


6 years ago

Let me know if you need any help!

I am not sure how that could be brought about but thank you for the offer.

For the moment, I await the arrival of two books recommended to me by my doctor:  Both on CoDependancy.    After I get through them, I will need to see if I can put the suggestions into practice or whether I just prove to be a total wuss.

I mostly meant with your project; but I'd help with that, too!

Here's my advice: Life's too short to be a wuss.

Yeah, after some thought and after I posted my answer to you, I realized what you meant and kind of shook my head about my answer :-) .

But it kind of applies to that too.  At this point, the "project" is fairly simple electronically; no, it is REALLY simple, but it's application requires me to make a journey into "hardware land" where I am not so familiar....I had posted a question on it and got some really good answers; none of which helped directly (I discovered when I visited my local hardware store), but did still help. 

So now it is just overcoming depression, and motivating myself to construct the small tool and hope it looks better then the things I have made (or ruined) lately. 

As for the wuss part,  I have had nearly 50 years of practice, so it is a hard habit to break ;-) 

So is the issue that your wife is a narcissist, and you (as the co-dependent or anti-narcissist) are feeding her tendencies? That's a tough cycle to break, for both of you. I wish you the best of luck.

The HARDEST part for me is that I will probably be the only one able to and willing to "break the cycle".....which has consequences I don't really care to think about at this time *sigh*.

Yep, that'll be very hard indeed. I read a few sections on wikipedia about "narcissistic rage" and it didn't sound very good at all (if that's what we're talking about here...)

She manipulates and cries a lot.....especially if I don't do what is expeted of me all the time.

Sounds like classic symptoms, then. From what I've read the best you may be able to do is develop a set of coping mechanisms (I imagine that's what those books are for).

The books are to keep me from enabling her to continue to influence me into doing everything she wants to "make this a perfect marriage for her, despite it being nothing of the kind for me". It helps equalize the playing fields. The one thing I am unskilled at is assertiveness; it "feels" too much like aggression, which I abhor. I know the difference, but it is still difficult to accomplish "in real time" if you know what I mean.

Especially if her reaction raises tensions...

At first, that is to be expected of course.....then, eventually they either reach a point of wanting to work with their partner, or feel it will be easier to just change partners.

Wow, I work with someone with a narcissistic personality disorder, it's rough. Some mornings I wake up and just dread the fact that I will have to deal with her at work that day. I can't imagine what it would be like being in a relationship with someone like that. I am so sorry. The majority of advice I hear about dealing with a narcissist is get away from them, obviously that is not an easy thing to do. I wish I had some advice or encouragement to give you. Remember, you have many friends here at Instructables that care.

What sort of process is it to work through codependancy? I've never heard of this "anti-narcissism" (yeah, wikipedia) before now, but I can certainly see how you could be one of the few who carry that trait!


6 years ago

I know exactly what you mean, they lack self awareness, they can't change because there sense of self is deluded. They can't see anything wrong with their behavior and they don't take responsibility for their actions.

Exactly. Even if someone "leaves them" from a relationship, they simply blame that person and move on to the next 'victim' many times.

two words...MAKER FAIRE.

Sorry, buddy, I don't know what to tell you.