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H i - how do I build a platform that can carry an electrical current? A "shocking" dance floor? Answered

Hi - I am trying to make a gadget that gives people a shock on a platform if you stand on it - I want to find a way to connect a current to a metal table. I don't want this to be physically damaging, just uncomfortable. That said, I'm having problems aith It's for a gag show. Please let me know if you can help!



9 years ago

I am surprised you are even answering this sick question not only is it Illegal but for anyone with a heart problem it could be fatal in the U.S and U.K You could be charged with assault. Why would you even want to do this are you mental or something


10 years ago

Well, first off, the people would need to be barefoot or wearing non-insulated shoes. The second problem is that electricity travels over the path of least resistance to ground... as in, literally, the ground. This means that you need to be able to bridge the gap between the power source and Earth's ground so that electricity has a "bridge" to flow.

There are various setups you could work out that might shock people. The easiest would be to give them static shocks by rigging up something with a negative ion generator like this, but that would be dependent on a number of factors and more likely just charge people negatively after the first zap (should it ever come... and assuming they are standing upon the surface).

You could also set up a rig to shock people, which may or may not shock the bottom of their feet. The risk with setting up something like that is that you run the risk of passing current from foot to foot and through their genital area. I imagine most people would not appreciate receiving a noticeable dose of electricity through their genitalia (without consent). Any which way, the amount of electricity that you can administer to someone and still be able to consider it safe is pretty low and most likely would be thwarted by a pair of sneakers.

You could increase the dose of electricity, but aside from it being even less "safe," you then run the risk of dropping people face first into the floor as their leg muscles unexpectedly seize.

If I may impart one nugget of wisdom from having personally made art that shocked the bejeezus out of people... that would be not to do it.


Answer 10 years ago

I just reread what you wrote, if you plan on shocking a person when they stand on on an electrified dance floor and touch the metal table, the only safe way to do that would be through static shock. Most people are right-handed and the path of least resistance of a right-handed person (from their foot to their right hand) would be through the heart. That is not good.