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HAARP mind control? Answered

Allegations have been made that the HAARP project is behind mind control experiments. The ex governor Jesse Ventura, interviewed a professor who demonstrated in his show that it is possible to send messages to people's minds without any need for hearing. The professor put two piezoelectric transducers on Ventura's chin and Ventura claimed to be able to "hear" music in his brain. Real science or pseudoscience? If this device could be made, wouldn't this device help people without hearing? What about the possibilities of learning devices or communication? I believe that this device could put thoughts on people's minds but not necessarily control them (unless it is an easy suggestible subject). Please watch a segment of the show and share your opinion:


I think I watched that show once and the whole thing just made me cringe. It meandered all over the place into all kinds of kooky BS like Tesla free energy death ray stuff.

I for one don't buy into any of the HAARP conspiricies. I guess the government mind control has worked on me.

Those transducers are nothing but piezoelectric transducers.. Heck, they aren't even "piezo". Most of the time they are just plainly wound copper around a magnet, it doesn't have a cone. They are attached to a metal plate/plastic or anything that can deliver vibrations. When held in your hand, they sound horrible, but when you place them on an object, they cause the surface of whatever to vibrate making it into a speaker.

I've made one before, just imagine placing it on the wall right behind the bathroom and under your bed... Play some scary sounds/music and freak the crap out of them.. haha

HAARP crops up in all sorts of woowoo conspiracy theories, including weather control, alien communications and earthquake causation.

The piezo electric thing, that's a blatant deception: the transducers do not bypass any part of the nervous system at all. The vibrations are passed to the ear via he bones of the skull instead of the air. Knock gently on your own forehead, or gently tap your teeth - both will be clearly audible to you through the bones of your skull.

Shouldn't these people be held accountable for this gross disinformation?

YouTube don't have rules about gross lies and misrepresentations of reality, only of people who can afford lawyers.

The show Jesse Ventura is on however purpitrates these goofy "conspiracy theories"

Wait, is wrestling real?

We use to have tooth tunes toothbrushes which play a song, dang Hannah Montana, they have an element that vibrates your teeth to pass the sound along your teeth and jaw to the ear. I don't think it works for deaf people since it still needs to stimulate the working audio nerves in the ear.

Wrestling is real my man (tongue in cheek)! It is called a male soap opera! One of my bosses used to say that those that believe that wrestling was real had the mind of a seven year old. :-)