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I've got a leftover FOLDABLE KEYBOARD for an HP iPAQ (circa 2002) -model G750- that I'd love to use with my current laptop (an HP). This is a wired device with a broad, flat connector - not a USB terminal.  Anybody had any success in converting this or this type of device for use with full-sized current model laptops? 

Maybe its a conversion plug or an adapter??  If you know where to get one these I'd like to know.




hola tambien tengo ese teclado, funciona con un micro em78p447sam-g y al parecer utiliza una salida del tipo que usa sr232 a traves de conector de 22pin.

les dejo imagen del conector de un lado la conecion de poder del otro las que vienen del micro que son 3 "V, D, G". espero que les sirva de alluda.


Háte někdo více info

Someone hate more info on this keyboard? I want to use it as micro USB. děkouji, franta8512. Info Please e-mail: franta8512@gmail.com

I have such a keyboard and wondered about connecting it to a Bluetooth dongle for use with another device. I would need a female HP connector to a female USB connector. Any ideas on whether such a connector exists and where to get one?


4 years ago

I've got the same keyboard and I'll be working on it over the next while as a side project to either convert it to using USB or micro USB. These are the style of connectors it currently uses:

example 1
example 2

and here is the most recent driver for the keyboard.

The driver requires "Microsoft Pocket PC 2002" which I'm having trouble finding, (I assume it was installed on the HP iPAQ pocket PC itself) but there is an emulator to use as a testing environment on CNET here which looks like it should work fine.

Again, if anyone has more info on this hack, please post! (I'm just starting out here and my electronics skills are pretty basic)


If you could find a wiring diagram, or even a name, for the connector you could probably cut it off and splice in a PS/2 or USB plug. The next problem would be if your computer can read the input or if you can find drivers.

Without the name, or even a picture, of the plug specific help is going to be hard to give.