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HAL 9000 Answered

I am Planning to build a HAL 9000 Panel for the outside of my room, but I am having a problem with the lense. I was wondering if anyone knows how they diffused the light so well, without blurring the lense. (In case you didn't know I am talking about the Movie Space Odyssey)


the lens is just a piece of glass underneither it is probably a sort of acrylic, and under that is either an led or a lamp.

I know this is a really old post, but the lens isn't glass or acrylic, the movie prop used a Nikon Nikkor 8mm F8 camera lens for the eye

The lens is a lens as well (bi-concave, like a magnifying glass - look at the curved reflections). Find an old over-head projector and rip the lenses out of the head. The metal frame could be a bevel from an old clock or barometer. The red glow will be (as GF7U said) a piece of red plastic, fogged somehow (sanded?), with a bright yellow lamp behind that. If you want this flush in your door, you're going to need to poke a hole in the door. That, however, gives the option of adding a hinge, so that you can swing the lamp / red plastic back and peer out of the lens at any visitors.

Forgot to add - 2001 is one of my all-time favourite films.


9 years ago

Do they sell Acrylic at home depot or Lowe's?

ctually I just had a thought, it might be betterto use silicon. And I'd use a lamp instead of an led cause it might give iyna more warm glow.

If you have an old TFT screen laying around, inside they use a series of thin films, designed to defuse the light.