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HALP with Emerald in Ubuntu Ibex Answered

Hey all! I'm trying to use an emerald theme that I just grabbed from teh intarwebs, but with no luck... I have emerald theme manager installed, and the emerald theme that I downloaded shows up in the themes list, but no where does it say "Use this theme" or whatever. Oh, and I tried asking on the Ubuntu forums, but without any luck :/


Try using a proper Operating System JOKE!!


That is the only OS that I despise.

Er, actually, not so much the OS as the hardware. The OS is decent. I'd place OS's in this order:
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X

It's not a bad OS, it's okay... But the hardware really sucks. And it's expensive and preloaded with buttloads of software that I'll never use.

Ah, the answer from a person who knows the facts, but not enough facts, as well as never using it for a decent period of time (do correct me if im wrong) The hardware does not suck, its top of the range, what your complaining about is that apple has no low end range. You compare your bang for buck against say dell, and you will see they average out about the same. Also make sure your comparing the same style computer, you can't compare an All in one to a normal desktop. Also, 'preloaded with buttloads of software' compared to windows??? Mac os x comes with a small range of software included. And, if you turn to the mac side, you end up using almost all of them.

Sorry about that. The hardware is top of the line. I suppose what I meant is that they don't produce anything low-end that I can afford. :-/

Let it be noted that even if they did, I wouldn't buy it anyways, because I stand by what I said about software. :)

Also, I have used it "for a decent period of time"; depending on your definition of a "decent period of time". All the computers at my old school were Macs, and we used them quite often... In addition to that, I went to the library sometimes to play with them because I was interested in learning a new OS.

Yeah, schools arnt the best place, as they tend to have second hand, or older macs.

By decent period of time, i mean that i have used all three, windows for 7 years, linux for 1 year, and Mac for the past 5 years.

Btw, the free software is an advantage, not a problem, because the software is actually useful. And, its not like the software takes up alot of room. Windows on the other hand has a alot of bloatware, and system programs that run in the background, slowing it down alot.

I wont even mention the 32bit / 64 bit argument
oops. i did anyways!

What were you going to say about 32 vs 64 bit? I don't even know what the difference is! O_o

Well, windows xp and vista both run on 32bit, Mac os X runs on 64bit (so does linux btw). There are 64bit versions of windows, but they have very poor driver and software support, and cost about $500. If 32bit was a postcard, then 64bit would be the island of manhatten. 32bit supports upto 4gb of ram. 64bit supports 4exobytes of ram (1000tbs i think) So basically, 64bit is alot faster, alot more efficient.

with that said about windows - in a mac every single application you opened and closed once in your life continues to run in the background

sigh, you have no idea, all your doing is closing the window. Not the program, like i said, leave me along and come back when you have some idea what your saying.

the mac is a mac just cause they draw an apple on it. inside its a normal PC with intel chip i lol at 'you did not use it decent period of time'. why the heck should i use 'a decent period of time' something i cannot use for a minute ? windows at least is not one of those apps that try to force you to 'their' way of using a computer (like os x / emacs / vi . . . ). it just works without any special attention from you (until its killed by a virus)

ok, now, go rewrite your comment, so that it makes sense. Then i will bother to argue back. Also you might want to through some decent points in there. The hardware inside a mac is not exactly the same as a pc, eg the architecture.

*sigh* *pats on head* Come back in a few years when you know what your going on about please.

Dewd, take it from someone who just made the switch, Mac is how His Noodlyness meant computing to be...

do you have compiz fusion installed ? do not use beryl - its outdated