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HAM radio repeater controller arduino Answered

is there anyone who can help me with a repeater controller,

i need a little program which will switch according to input + 3 sec (or something like that)
also i want to decode 4 bit paralel data (binary output from a DTMF decoder) and switch outputs accordingly (if correct code is pressed)
(thins like identifier, time&date, last transmitted message) thees functions i will make on separate boards, i just have to trigger them

last transmission board needs an input from the arduino when to start, the playback will be done with one of the DTMF-code outputs

any advise / code is wildly appreciated :)

ps, im very new to arduino and have plenty to learn 

kind regards,


Not sure how this "instructables" works, and how you can contact me...

Are you still looking? I am working on code, so let me know...