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HDMI from LCD connector Answered

At work I have an ultrasonic testing instrument that displays the signal on an LCD (640x480). I also have a HUD (head mounted display) that requires a HDMI input.
The only way I can think of getting the 2 working is to put a camera over the display and send that to the HUD.

Would anyone know of a way to connect something to the LCD ribbon directly and convert it to HDMI?

Many thanks for any help provided.


You can't and HUD is a Head Up Display, for example the stuff that brings your speed onto the windscreen.
Head mounted screens these days are usually VR goggles.

So the signals going from the instrument pcb to the display cannot be turned into a HDMI signal? Can you elaborate please?

Check how HDMI works, what is all used within the protocoals and than ask yourself how to get this into a display connector.
Not to mention the problem of getting the signals right to match the resolution either way.

yes I made a mistake calling my display HUD. It’s a tiny display that clips onto clear glasses producing a floating display in front of one eye.