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HDMI to USB convertor? Answered

can anyone help me out......... i wanted a HDMI to USB convertor for my Plasma Tv. which has no USB interferance....?



6 years ago

usb 2.0 only have 4 wire, usb3.0 have 9 wire, and the hdmi have 19pin. if you want that connect, that must have a IC.

You've got an idea that you can connect the TV to USB and watch stuff? but you can't do that.


thankx LEMONIE... u've guessed 100% rite. but to hear that ....i cant do that makes me sad.... NOW what can i do.....i've purchased a new TV. and they didnt gave us an old technology (USB) compared to (HDMI). i thought u people can make a cable which has one side HDMI and from the other side, it will work like a USB...just like the cables available in the market (Vantec SATA or IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter.....IOGEAR USB to Serial/PDA Converter Cable etc etc)

That's the other way around I believe.


Do you mean USB to HDMI? What exactly are you trying to do and why?

Why do you need an HDMI to USB converter? The TV has no USB interface and wouldn't be able to deal with any kind of USB device you try to plug into it though HDMI.

You can't drive a video interface over USB to my knowledge, wht are you trying to do ?