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HDPE or UPE beehive Answered

I want to make a beehive but not wood, not sure should i go for HDPE or UPE, any suggestion? which is cheaper?


This winter is extremely cold (coldest in 60 years). Many honeybees died.

I see some people using HDPE beehive their honeybees are going good. I heard UPE is even better in thermostat, I want to make some plastic beehives and compare which are better.

Wouldn't it be much easier and effective to just use your existing hives and add a nice layer of polystyrene board?
The one thing I would be really concered about is moisture as plastic does not breathe like natural wood.
I have even seen people that paint the sun facing side in black so the winter sun can help warming up the hive.
A friend of mine has about 30 hives and he said plastic is a big no for bees.
The hive (inside at least) should always be wood so the bees can climb on it, plastic does not offer anything to hold on.
He is also concerned that the plastic would affect the quality of the honey as chemicals can bleach out of the plastic.

Might be best to stick to natural ways until some of your fellow keepers have enough positive feedback on using plastic...

By the way: Some keepers in northern europe use reptile heat mats under their hives with a thermostat.
If it is too cols outside the heater kicks in, at around 20W not too bad but still requires insulation under the mat and around the hive, if possible it is best to place the mat inside the hive.

Tried to introduce a new queen bee but still failed. ;(


Stick to natural wood and don't use plastic ;)