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Headphone Amp For Laptop DJ Answered

i use my laptop to play music...(using virtual dj software)....splitting the jack .. the volume from headphone is ok when playing small system.... big system the headphone volume is low....i need more ..i buy a volume switch (B5k) thinking that will solve the problem  ..but when i connect it and turn it up its the same volume i get as if i just connect it without...

can i add any thing to this to make the headphone louder..without using any external power source 6v,12v battery etc


In order to amplify the audio signal you will need to have more components and a power source. There is no way around that.

Have you considered buying a USB sound card for the laptop. Then you would have multiple inputs and outputs which should cover your DJ needs. Something like this should cover it.

the inputs and out volume is ok...its the VOLUME FOR THE HEADPHONE is LOW....that need to turn up a bit...if not i'll buy one of those pc speakers and connect the 1/4" wire to it....

I think this will cover your needs. Its a monitoring headphone amp.