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HEAT: A Fire Cabaret Answered

If you haven't heard yet, The Crucible's annual summer homage to fire is moving indoors this year, transforming their industrial arts studios into a searing jazz-age underground speakeasy where fantasy and fire converge with sultry music and machinery.  Some of the best talent in the Bay Area will perform amidst artisans plying their fiery trades, and guests will be invited to explore an industrial speakeasy alight with furnaces, forges and flames.  Time to get started on getting all dolled up for the 1920's -- think flapper dresses, finger waves, tommy guns and bootlegged fire.  More info and tix at: www.thecrucible.org


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Hope you'll join us -- it will be a hot night in Oak-town!

Looks... fun.

.  And the fire is probably pretty cool, too.