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Camcorder won't record video? Answered

I have recently come into possession of a HDD JVC hard disk camcorder. I got it from a friend who asked if I would fix it for him, so I told him I would ask around. Any comments are much appreciated. It works great! Except it doesn’t record video, it has great sound quality and a handful of cool features. I've already taken it to the store and was told it would be around $200 or more to get it fixed, when I asked what was wrong with it i didnt get a responce from the man at the store. If anyone has any idea what’s happening or how to fix it without spending $200 I would much appreciate it!

I dont know if this will help anyone (I didnt find any use of it) but heres the model number


"Won't record" isn't useful diagnostically. What does it do when you try to record?

Have you tried searching JVC's website to see if they describe this failure mode and a possible fix for it?

When I try to record, there is simply nothing on the lcd screen, nor is there when it is turned on. The menu screen will display on the screen and so will the date and other settings, however it will not display anything that I try to film, for example if i point it at my table it will not display the video on the viewing screen.

You've made sure the lens cap is off and the internal shutter (which some cameras have) is open, right?

If you're getting the menu, the screen is working and the processor is working. If you aren't getting an image, either light isn't hitting the sensor or the sensor isn't working or its interface to the processor isn't working. The latter are going to require serious surgery to open it up and diagnose further. If you're lucky it'll just be a loose connector. If you aren't, tracking down the failure will be ... interesting.