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EMERGENCY!!!!!!!! :( Answered

I have 4 different trojan horses on my computer, I am posting this through a strict firewall exception for Internet Explorer.

*Pauses to deny Internet access to another mutating Trojan*

Someone help me out here? How do I get rid of them? One of them spits out thousands of duplicates of itself if you try to kill it. HELP!!!!!!


Try booting in a linux live CD and delete the trojans from there. If that doesn't work, you'll have to reload window$. Backing up data could be hard with a flash drive (it might copy itself), but should work fine with a CD-R. When reloading, be sure to format the HDD, or else THEY WILL STILL BE THERE. This will kill any bad guys me or my dad's computer repair shop have ever experienced. I can't help asking: what were they posing as?

What about MBR rootkits?

They're very, very rare. I've never actually seen one.

I have a virus, too. It is fbx5ay.exe. The others are: ms1242393574.exe 3267865722.exe 1647607736.exe 19381000.exe 2370373014.exe 1514537536.exe 1877982350.exe 2714286864.exe ~TM16.tmp rsyncini.exe grpconv.exe hgbbjgrn.exe

Can you remove the hard-disk, plug it into a clean machine (as a non-bootable drive) which is fully-protected and disinfect it with the OS & AV on that other machine? L

I don't have another PC. Everybody else in my house has laptops.

I suppose your friends wouldn't want to risk risk plugging a diseased drive into their machines? (This is essentially the same thing that yourcat suggested by a different method)


My friends use laptops, too.

Bummer. Well I should try yourcat's method, or hang you head in shame and pay for someone to fix it...?


I may have fixed the problem. The main troublemakers were vbm.exe (A trojan), aeanso.exe (Another trojan), and fbx5ay.exe (a Downloader virus, it caused all the random child viruses.) They have all been manually exterminated through the quarantine console.

How'd you get a trojan?

It wasn't a torrent. It was a file from Megaupload.

let me guess, it was a "cracked program," "hacked program," or a "keygen?" always get those kind of files from the pirate bay.

It was an infected installer.

only DL installers from direct downloads, sourceforge, torrents, or certified mirrors. never from MU. try using Windows Live OneCare. i intentionally infected myself with a virus and 3 seconds after wards OneCare stopped it and exterminated it.dont use Norton though. it took 5 minutes to find a trojan i installed.

well norton internet security 2009 is the best av ive ever used. my system was infected, and when i installed w7 for dualbooting, norton scanned my c drive, and it erased the virus. i then booted vista, and whadaya know it booted. ANTIVIRUS WIN.

Would Avast 2009 work to get rid of my infection? Norton can't kill it.

definitely Avast! i havent used it but many people swear by it.

If you're on a public tracker, then sure you can get viruses. Private is win.

use avast just search free avast 2009 download its the first one

Trojan Horses? What can they do anyway? I have a lot of them on my USB but I don't really care since they didn't do anything...

they can install backdoors on your PC so the creator can gain access to your files. It may look like nothing happened, but they can be sneaky...

If you have a backup of all the files you hold dear, you could just replace the HDD.

Okay, thanks. I have only one folder that I store my files in, it should be easy to get on a flash drive.