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HELP I have a wireless router and the power isnt on. Answered

I have I router that doesn't turn on. its a d-link model dir-600 wireless 150. it doesn't have a power button but is supposed to turn on as you plug it in. I think it might have blown a fuse but im not sure. please help!!



I don't see a power supply plugged into the power port. Do you have the power supply for it? It's more likely that the powersupply is not working. There is usually not a fuse in these to blow. Do you know how to check your power supply to see if it is the problem?

well i have 2 power supplyers and they both didnt work. i tried them on other components and they worked fine.

If the power supplies that you tried are for the unit then the unit is at fault. Most things like this don't have fuses inside. Wall warts don't usually have enough power to do much damage so the designers leave out the fuses to save money. You could open it up and check just to be sure though.