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If you are familiar with KIWI shoe polish applicator and shine brushes, I have boxes of these birch wood brush blocks that I'd like to use in creating some useful items.  These have a small indention on one side that was used for hanging during the lacquering process.  I can trim the ends or edges as needed.  I've thought of using for shadow box roofs, multiple-sided bowls, etc. but would appreciate any other sensible ideas.  Any help is appreciated!!


Wood door mats! Glue them to a mesh backing and create a design with different stains or shapes.

I don't know the size of the blocks or the weight, but a bracelet might be possible. Adding wheels would make the board like ones toy skateboards. The spoon shaped ones if not too heavy could be turned into a wacky and tacky curtain.

The "rocker back" weighs 3 oz. and the spooned applicator block is 1 oz. I like the idea of the mini skateboard w/ wheels. Not sure about the other block as a curtain. I'm assuming you are thinking of lacing a series of them together, positioning their length in an alternating pattern to create the curtain? Thanks for the support!!

You could paint words such as "dream" on them and hang them on the wall for decoration. Or you could attach hooks to them and paint them for hanging hats and coats on. You may also try, on the smaller one in the picture, attaching a small mirror so that it would have a handle. Hope this helps! :)

Jessie, you've got me thinking more. I like all the ideas you've mentioned, especially that for handing clothing on. Considering painting and adding some type hook and a mounting block to the back side sounds reasonable. Personal names could be applied as requested. The wall decorations for sure is another option, even with hanging a series together. Thanks so much and I'll see where it leads me.

You're welcome! Glad to see that I helped!

what about steps for a treehouse. with wooden stand-offs they would be fairly safe and stable. perhaps a bit of non slip strip to the upper edge.

I like your thoughts of steps, maybe not necessarily for a treehouse, but for steps on a short climbing wall to aid small children with their dexterity. If using the "rocker back" blocks, these could be sanded with flattened surfaces at both radiuses on the concave side and then screw each end to a plywood-sheet wall. This would allow the climber to use the curved portion as a hand hold as well as for foot holding areas. The non-slip material would be applied then to the upper edge of the steps. Thanks so much! As with the other posters here, you've got me thinking!!

Hmm, well the first thing that pops in my head for the small brush handle are to use them as the were made, as a handle. I could see attaching a small mirror, a hand fan, a blade for a scraper, a spoon and fork (for people that have problems holding smaller handles.) or even could be used as handles for drawers and cabinets. Many uses if you think not about what you can do with it, think about things you use or see people use and how you can adapt this into it.

The bigger brush is yelling at me to paint on it. House numbers painted on and hung on a post or wall would look nice. Also could paint names like a place setting, or even a name plate to be hung on a door or stood on a desk.

Let your mind open to "see" others things and see what you come up with, you might surprise yourself.

Hey Redneck, thinking of what older folks might need for easier gripping with use of the small applicator block sounds good. Even painting and color coding might be handy for some persons with disabilities. At one time I wood-burned a caboose picture on the "rocker back" for a desk item. The biggest problem was melting of the lacquer, but removal of the lacquer would be best. I like the ideas of painting, using for a desk item or hanging with the house numbers. As with other posters here, your help if most appreciated and you've got my wheels turning!

Got any pics? Might help stir the creative juices.

Now that I see the pic loaded, I'll give some dimensions of these blocks. The top two blocks are known as "rocker backs" used for shoe shine brushes. The left one is shown with the hand side toward you, the right one is opposite side on which the indention is located and where the bristles would be for a brush. Dimensions- 6 3/4" long x 2 1/16" wide x 5/8" thick. The sides have an approx. 1/16" radius, but the 7/8" radius at both ends have sharp corners.
The bottom block is used on the polish applicator brush. It is flat and dimensions are 6" long x 1 11/16" dia. (at the head) x 3/8" thick. An approx. 1/8" radius covers the complete contour. All blocks presently have a clear lacquer finish that could be painted over.

Good point, however, this was one of my first postings. I attempted to load a picture to my posting but found later that I'd failed. I'm on an Apple MacBook Pro. Now I see below another chance to load an image, so will try now.