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(HELP) Linking Wireless Pir Sensor To Wireless Chime Answered


trying to get a wireless PIR sensor to activate a wireless door chime...

Given up trying to get the PIR to transmit the same frequency as the chime so now trying to get the PIR to switch on the wireless doorbell chime.  So in theory, motion activates sensor, signal from sensor goes to door bell button, signal from door bell button goes to chime.

I've attached wires to the bell switch, but don't know where to attach them onto the PIR:  

experiments so far have activated the chime but it stays on so I think I'm just shorting something out.

Also, should both power sources (for PIR and doorbell ringer) remain as PIR is 9v and bell ringer 12v?

Hi res pics below, thanks to anyone for their help and advice!


PIR transmitter



Doorbell Button/transmitter (wires tied on switch contacts)






hi, thanks for the reply,

The wireless PIR sensor is an off-the shelf security unit that has its own processor that activates the transmitter and an LED-I assumed that this output would then be capable of sending an electrical current through the self-added wires that are connected to the wireless door bell button contacts, which in turn would operate the bell transmitter/processor and operate the wireless chime receiver unit?

Is this incredibly naive? ; /

I think the part you are missing is: motion activates sensor, microprocessor or similar logic circuit checks to see if PIR output signal is above a threshold value, microprocessor or similar logic circuit by way of relay or directly closes the switch connected to your doorbell button...