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Help me in making of a photovoltaic cell please



7 years ago

i tried making it from the book of evil genius solar projects but that was a disaster, better buy it

Sort of the prevailing "conventional" wisdom says that there is no photovoltaic cell you can build in your garage, or kitchen, that comes close to the efficiency and power of solar cells produced in a factory, or laboratory. The materials technology involved is just too advanced for the amateur experimentor.

However there are a number of "educational" type recipes out there intended to produce a solar cell that can at least demonstrate the photoelectric effect. There are just a couple of homemade PV recipes that I have heard about.  For some reason they almost always involve transition metal oxides, (like copper oxides, or titanium oxides) and sometimes plant dyes, like raspberry juice.

I have not done too much research on this one.  The links below were obtained from Google.   Moreover I have not tried any of these experiments, so it's really up to you see if any of these recipes can be made to work for you or not.

Also don't expect the links below to be comprehensive, "everything under the sun" as they say,  if you'll forgive the pun.  There is almost certainly stuff I did not find, simply because I was not using the correct search words to describe it.

Exploratorium Solar Cell Experiments

Simple photovoltaic cells for exploring solar energy concepts

Titanium Dioxide Raspberry Solar Cell

Google Search

If you mean the glass kind that generate electricity, you are asking the impossible - it is a major manufacturing process.

However, you may enjoy this similar project.

To make on that is efficient takes chemicals that are expensive, hard to use and hard to get and processes and equipment that are expensive, hard to use and hard to do properly.

But you can make one that works but not efficiently using the following method.


Not my instructable but it works.