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Well, all of a sudden, I'm not able to comment! I click reply to someone, and it doesn't work. I click add comment on an instructable or a forum topic, and nothing happens. The only thing that really works (i hope) is when I click reply to a comment on my comment counter thing. Can someone please help??



4 years ago

Commenting is not working for me in an instructable. It is working here obviously.


7 years ago

i had the same problem but it blew over

Well, your commenting now. Anyways, if you cannot comment then you scroll down the page and look on the right side, and click "help" after you've done that, it should say (I cannot comment) and other junk. Click that and exit out of internet. Then get back on the internet. Now log back on Instructables and it should work.

NOTE: You may only see it when it happens.
Problem fixed

I cannot comment either...only answer this question, which is weird as heck :p

its probably just your computer being dumb, I haven't been able to post a picture in a comment for ages.

I just installed Firefox, and now I can reply again. IE8, not so much.

The Web browser you are probably using, since you don't know.  Internet Explorer (version 8) in included as part of the Windows operating system.

I use both Safari and Firefox, as I'm running MacOSX 10.5.8. 

Don't you wish that the browser authors would stick to one set of standards? I've been doing some web dev over the last few months, and I find it rather annoying to have created content only to find that I have to spend twice as much time re-writing to ensure cross-browser compatibility.

As supposedly said by Grace Hopper :
"The wonderful thing about standards is there are so many to choose from."

Well, I don't care <stamps feet and pouts>  I still wish they'd use a single standard for browsers.

.  I code for Lynx compatibility. ;)
.  It is a shame that there are so many incompatibilities across browsers. I guess everybody thinks they have the better mousetrap. We had the same problems back in the early '90s (and pages were nowhere near as complicated back then).

Yeah, but that was when the internet really was new, and it was truly fun (and innocent, and porn didn't rule and spammer were brought to justice by  roaming bands of people who drowned them with DOS attacks...)

I miss the days when I could post my real name and real photo...

yes,, I'm not really a little green man in a flowing green robe...I know that might come as a shock ;-)

.  It always surprises me when someone mentions Amazing Grace. A truly great person that few ppl have heard about.

Preach on, my brother. My last gig was doing analyst work for a series of web-based healthcare apps, and getting them to work reliably on multiple browsers was a stinkin' nightmare.

That happened to me this morning, but it is gone now.  I can't post forum topics, though.

 I had the same problem but it was only a glitch in the system it only lasted for about 18 hours and it had nothing to do with my browser i have three chrome,firefox,IE i use chrome the most

Switch to Firefox. IE8 has been known for problems(I have IE7, but they have 8 at school).

The Web browser you are probably using, since you don't know.  Internet Explorer (version 8) in included as part of the Windows operating system.

Please try again.  Rachel just rolled out some bug fixes, and with any extraordinarly complex and interconnected software system, new bugs may (probably) have gotten included.