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HELP! PROP NEEDED: Hollywood tourist maps x2 Answered

Hello all, i have been asked for two Hollywood tourist maps for my show this year (i need by Feb 10th) would one of you wonderful Californians be able to send me two ( i am willing to pay for the maps AND the postage via paypal) Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE please please

I would just use a normal map and just print something to stick on part of it... but ...well it just wouldn't look right

Can anyone help me??



5 years ago

I like this!

I had a quick look on ebay and there are a few 'maps of the stars' homes' there. Good luck!

yeah, they aren't modern ones though unfortunatly

While no one's replied here, I did get an email from the HQ mailing list asking people to ask friends for you, and I saw a couple of people post on their Facebook profiles.

Fingers crossed for you! What's the sketch?

I did fire off a sneaky email to info@ :) I'm not ENTIRELY sure what the sketch is about... That being said, it's called 'Paradise city' ... The old Guns N Roses fan inside me hopes that one of the kids is going to appear on stage like Slash, but somehow i doubt it...