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HELP! What can you use to decorate cakes. urgent! Its my homework? Answered

i cannot think of anything, i need 9 more things. I'm aiming for a high level so help!




Best Answer 8 years ago

Icing/frosting (same thing) comes in various textures, and can be coloured.


Little silver edible ball-bearings.

Plastic figures (bunnies at Easter, snowmen at Christmas etc)

Sculpted marzipan figures and objects.

More cake.

Carefully-cleaned electronic components.  If there is concern about toxicity (eg lead in solder), then seal with a coating of clear nail varnish.

Embedded electronics (make a simple flashing / bleeping circuit that you hide under a layer of frosting, with the switch snuggled away down at the bottom corner of the cake) - see above regarding sealing.

I like the flashing led idea alot.


8 years ago

Take a walk down the aisles at your local bulk food store.  You can decorate a cake with almost anything edible, from gummi worms to bulk chocolate.  If you're talking strictly icing, well - they'll have icing sugar and food dye there, too!

It's kind of hard if we don't know the parameters of your assignment, is there a theme? size requirements, does it all have to be edible? Here's some general ideas that may be helpful....

real flowers, candy arranged in pretty designs, colored sugar syrup hardened over ice can make really cool sculpted shapes, you can take jolly ranchers and melt them and then let them cool into different shapes (I once used them to create stained glass windows in a gingerbread church that I lit from the inside) you can purchase edible paper and print cool graphics like someone's face....

paint melted chocolate on rose leaves chill it until its hard then peel the leaves off and you will have realistic chocolate leaves for your cake or just drizzle chocolate on wax paper in lacy designs, chill and peel off....

I would advise staying away from the electronic components suggested earlier, as almost all of them contain toxic chemicals, not just lead and mercury but also pcbs and other carcinogens. If this assignment is for a child's cake you should also avoid things that might be considered a choke hazzard, I don't know if you get graded down for that kind of thing.

What do you already have?  Give us a clue as to what you are looking for here.

Looking at your name I'd start of with knex pieces.