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HELP! device to hang pots and pans that lowers with electric??? Answered

I have very limited space in my kitchen and leave my pots and pans on the stove when i'm not using them but they get in the way.  I remember, in the old days, they had ways to hang them from the ceiling and could raise and lower them with a rope.  Since I have limited space, I was thinking about a copper pipe mounted on a system where you could push a button to raise and lower the pipe along some sort of track mounted to the wall that holds the pipe out 12-18 inches away from the wall.  (Almost like a wire rack shelf idea where the shelf would electronically move up and down.)  I could then hang S hooks from the bar and hand the pots from the hooks and raise them up along the wall, out of the way until I need them and lower them without a pulley or getting a chair.  I can usually manage to change a lightbulb all by myself but I am lost on this idea.  Any inexpensive suggestions???


you could use a tool balancer. basically a spring loaded cable reel. no electrical knowledge required. get one that can support the total weight of the pots you want to hang, then make a little grappling hook looking doodad to hang all the pots off of the end of the cable. when you want a pot just reach up and pull them down, take the one you want then let them go back up.

for some reason it wouldn't let me post that with a link in it...just google tool balancer for what I'm talking about

good idea about just using two...it wouldnt show me that comment to respond to. i will look into it. i had googled it. so, to make sure i understand it...it's sorta like a tape measure, right? only has a cable instead of the measurement strip?

hey, now that sounds more like my skill level! i dont know what you are really talking about but i'm sure i can google it. i wonder if you can use 2 of them and then run a bar between them to hang the pots from? or maybe it would pull down uneven and better to stick to just one. i dont have many pots anyway. largest is a pressure cooker.

thanks. that seems to be on the right track, i just need to find a smaller one. those are about a foot tall and lift 2500 pounds. if i can find a small one that lifts 100 pounds, it would still be overkill but would work well. i just need to figure out how to assemble it...i'm not very mechanically inclined.

The most simple thing to convert that I can think of is a home cineme screen.

Just replace the screen with some strings and you can even use the remote control to get everything up and down.

Not sure about their lifting capabilities but if you replace the thick tube that holds the screen with a thin rod it should be able to lift heavy pots.

Marine winches go for around $50. worth a look.

googling "motorized hoist" lead me to "garage gator" 100lb hoist for $100. Intended for hoisting bikes, canoes, etc in the garage, it probably moves stuff faster than the hoists intended for lifting 1000s of lbs.

i'll check it out. if you want to get rich, here's your idea. just make it affordable and reliable and small enough to work for people in a tight space...maybe 8 pots or pans.

Go to a garage sale and see if anyone wants to part with their electric garage door opener. Good luck.

interesting idea. i'm not particularly familiar with GD openers since i dont have a garage but isn't that ceiling mounted? i need something wall mounted that just goes up and down. like the shelves in an old fashioned display case where you press the button and the shelves go around (except i dont want mine to go around). it needs to be about 4 feet long and 2 feet high.

You could probably get away with a smaller electric winch motor/controller for off-road cars/buggies. Those are fairly cheap. They all essentially wind up or let out a cable which you can hook up the weight of your pot rack.