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HELP please ....i am seeking a 3 speed cassette ....HELP...please Answered

I am trying to find a 3 Free wheel cassette like the one below here for my wheel a, i am stuck in a small town and it is so frustrating cause i have no transport "I NEED HELP" My Phone Number 0412991179 Kindest Regards Gordon or Macca


Thanks but nothing there so far the only link that points to what i want is blocked and i can't contact them thanks for your thoughts anyway Gordon PS.... it shows you have a "good heart"


Guys, it's really not a good idea to post your phone number on an open forum like this!

Still, it meant I found out you live in Port Macquarie, NSW, which apparently has a decent bike shop (from a thread about Iron Man in 2006):

"Opposite where I'm staying is a bike shop, which is an excellent shop in itself, but it has a coffee bar / cafe and indoor / outdoor tables surrounded by the bikes! (and some nice BTs suspended above you!)."

Could that be Port Push Bikes?

And have you tried contacting the local cycling club?

All that and more from googling your phone number...

Sorry about the phone number but i am desperate to find what i need ..........i don't see it as a big deal but if your'e boss and you say it's not a good idea then that will do me and as far as the bike sites it was no and the shops in port the wheel is not a normal wheel os i 'll just keep searching

I'm not in charge - I just spend ~~too much~~ a lot of time here. It's just that putting personal contact details in an open forum is just begging for spam and stalkers. (Did you ever sell that window?) Sorry I can't be any more help.