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HELP: want to make interactive checkerboard music player Answered

I have this mini bluetooth speaker that is really awesome and the volume it is capable of is amazing. I was showing it to the teens I work with at a youthcenter while we were sitting at a table with a checkerboard/ chessboard design on it, The speaker was sitting in one of the squares while a teen controlled the music on my phone. When another teen asked why the music was changing, he jokingly said it was  because he moved the speaker to another square. That gave me an idea and the teens were interested in doing it. I want to make his joke true. somehow make it so that the speaker plays a different song for each square on the board in which it is placed. Very interactive and something that is easy to change the songs out for newer ones as time goes by. The problem is that I have no idea how to do this and I have no idea how to put it into terms I can use to search instructables for any exisiting projects I can learn from. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


thanks for trying to help. Are there any instructables that do things similar to what i want to do that you know of?

For this you will most likely need an Aduino or some other microprocessor that you can program. I mean, it COULD be done with just a bunch of IC's but it would be a lot and very complicated. I wouldn't know where to even start.

Thanks for your reply. I have an arduino uno and i have a tiny bit of experience with it. Do you have any links to any resources that could help we figure out how to do it? Or any suggestion?