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HFC M190 Dual-Gas Airsoft Pistol Answered

I am selling my HFC M190 airsoft pistol.
I was into airsoft for a little when I was younger, but have since outgrown it and am selling my gun.
It has only been used about 8 times.
Works perfectly, as I value my possessions.
The gun can be rendered inoperable by removing the slide.
The gun also can be taken completely apart.
Its all metal, exact weight, and size as the gun its based off: Beretta 92
The gun is semi-auto, and full auto variability.
It uses green gas, (propane), but also can use CO2 canisters with the appropriate magazine.

Included is:

  • The gun (duh)
  • One magazine
  • Extra handle grips (wood)
  • Auto-loader
  • Two canisters of brand new Green Gas
  • One canister of lubrication oil.
  • Manual
  • Carrying case

$85 for everything
PM me please.


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Is it bought?


6 years ago

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Hi i am willing to buy if you can get it down to $70 will pay with cash in mail and i dont have a paypal account. thanks alot.

Is the shipping included in this gun? If so I will set up a pay pal account and buy this gun. If you also are selling any bb's i will but them too if the price is right.

Sorry, but I've already sold the gun :/ Thanks for reminding me to delete this topic. :D

What is the barrel length, hammer to tip? I recently returned a broken gun, so I have $85 burning a hole in my pocket. If we can work out how to get the money to you (I don't think I have Paypal), I might actually buy this.

Oh, and are there any major accuracy issues (i.e. Extreme curving, too much hop-up, etc.)? *Human sized target, some curving is fine.*

Nope, it shoots straight and true. Its cool to shoot, and spin in a circle with it on auto, its awesome! :D

Tip of the gun, to where the hammer hits, is 7 1/4 inches. If you got a parent to sign up for pay-pal, it would be best.. Then I could set it up on Ebay, or something?

Do you still have this up for sale?

Yep If you are interested, I can set it up on ebay, or even mail it to you and have you pay via pay-pal.

fps... and why would you file off the tip? that could easily get you arrested... go anarchy?

I filed off the black paint, to reveal the orange tip. And its like 400, or 450 I can't remember for sure..

but why was the orange covered in the first place? i'll tell all my friends about this... that's a good deal.

Not sure, my friends got a hold of it and I guess one of them colored the tip black.. Yes do tell them.


9 years ago

That's a nice pistol. ;-)

I'd keep it for plinking.

That is indeed what I did with it... Shot quite the number of friends in its day... :D