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HOMEDOCK for ipod, need to hack so I can use it with iPhone... Answered

I have a DLO Homedock, and love its simple design. It works great, and its small size and remote make it a perfect item (IMHO). However, even though my iphone drops right into the dock, I immediately get the error message that it is not optimized to charge the phone,,, Looking for one of you electrical hack geniuses to help me out here...


The DLO Homedock was sold around 2005 to be used with the iPod 5th Generation Video. When used with the included AC adapter, it is a 12v firewire charger . Apple discontinued firewire charging about 2008, so newer iPods and iPhones cannot be charged when the Homedock is powered by the AC adapter. It will work with iPods up to the 5th Generation... the original iPhone... and the original iPod Touch.

The Homedock does have a USB port and will fully work if plugged into a USB power source. The AC adapter is not needed and all iPods and iPhones will charge via the Homedock if connected via USB.

Hope this helps.

Does it play but not charge? There was some sort of switch in the iPod/iPhone family at some point in the last few years that makes some of the later gen ones incompatible with older docking stations. I don't know if this was a software or hardware change, or both.
The docking station probably has an Aux In port. This would allow you to play music from the phone through the dock but it still wouldn't charge.

As far as I know, "hacking" the homedock isn't going to work. The bottom line is, the iPhone is not compatible with your dock. There are however, some third-party adapters that you can get that will supposedly bridge the two together, but I haven't tried looking for one.